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Comment This doesn't store passwords... read the pdf (Score 1) 210

Take a look at the silly ol' PDF. You'd think the Forbes guy would have too. This stores a "password secret". I.e. a password hint, not necessarily a password. This is a good idea I think as it grounds the device to you. Instead of giving that hint to anyone, the hint is further protected by the power charger requirement.

This doesn't push out a password, it further protects a password hint. This improves security. It doesn't open a new vector for attack that doesn't already exist.

Also, as with most things, turn it off if you don't want it.

How Apple's iOS Went From Insecure To Most Secure 312

GMGruman writes "There's no such thing as a perfectly secure operating system, but security experts agree — somewhat grudgingly in some cases — that iOS, Apple's mobile operating system, is the most secure commercial OS today, mobile or desktop. It didn't start that way of course, and Robert Lemos explains what Apple did to go from insecure to most secure."

Comment Thanks for complaining... (Score 1) 210

... I now tracked down what this reader thing is. It's awesome. Great feature THAT I CHOOSE TO CLICK ON TO USE.

Honestly, how is this a major complaint by people? Am I a fan-boy for liking this?

Gads, Slashdot used to be interesting and informative. The editors need a vacation to relax. In fact, take an iPad and read a good book!

Comment Re:Slashdot ranting a bit here... (Score 2, Interesting) 670

Just checked wife's data usage since she uses her phone constantly. She used 145MBs last month which was the highest since she's had the phone. So, we're going to save $15 a month and not subsidizing the high data users. Also, I'm going to get a phone as I can now tether. I think a lot of people are getting mad before exploring this.

BTW. Older plans are grandfathered in and according to AT&T are not going to be dropped even when you upgrade to a new phone.

Comment Re:And just before the new iPhone ships too (Score 1) 670

If you are going to use over 2GB a month, then you probably aren't going to be a good customer for them. What the heck are you doing that requires that? So, please go someplace else. :/

The lack of this phone on other networks really is a bad thing as the data plans are synonymous with the phone itself. I am curious what they are going to do for those over 2GB as there should be something for them!?!

Comment Slashdot ranting a bit here... (Score 5, Insightful) 670

So, they are producing two new dataplans that are cheaper then the current that they say cover 98% of their use base. To me, I think this means I'm going to at least save $5 a month here. Also, tethering is FINALLY announced! I'm excited with this news! I would like unlimited tethering but I work with technology and realize not all things are feasible as continued unlimited plans, especially with tethering, would destroy an already slammed network.

Slashdot seems to be missing reality here and the compromise that AT&T is making with their network. Ok, hit me with all your complaints about how evil something or other is.

Comment Re:I don't think they necessarily "agree" (Score 1) 200

So, they should wait for someone else to block the path and be the "good guys". Look, hate the game, not the player. :)

Apple is playing offense with this patent and they have to because, as near everyone can agree, the patents being awarded for the computer industry are inane these days.

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