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Journal: New York Proposes Open Source Tax Credit

Journal by cvos
State tax bill to provide a tax credit for open source software:

Provides a maximum $200 tax credit for taxpayer expenses associated with the development of open source and free software license programs.


User Journal

Journal: Obama Staff Shocked at Obsolete Whitehouse Computers

Journal by cvos
White House stuck in "technological dark ages"

Apparently computers and digital communication were not high priorities for the previous administration.

Obama's team arrived at the White House Tuesday to find only a handful of laptops, old PCs running outdated software, disconnected phone lines, and a series of rules and regulations that essentially forbid anything resembling Gmail, Twitter, Facebook, or AIM. "It is kind of like going from an Xbox to an Atari," Obama spokesman Bill Burton said of his new digs.

Portables (Apple)

Journal: Apple Tablet Not Made by Apple

Journal by cvos
A new tablet is coming out, but its not made by apple. Instead OWC is hacking a 13" macbook and fusing it with a wacom tablet Mary Shelly style.

Unlike Frankenstein however, this fusion of macbook and stylus looks very slick.

Get yours in April for only $2200, unless Apple Inc. sues the product off the shelves. appleinsider


Journal: Yahoo CEO Speaks Up about Shake Up 88

Journal by cvos
Yahoo has been under fire from loosing marketshare to Google and now MSN. Many executives have departed in the last few weeks, and Yahoo has received a lot of unfavorable press. Their CEO let out a (untentional) personal and heated response to media critics.

Semel's rhetoric goes to show how well-balanced he is: he's got a chip on both shoulders.


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