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Comment: Re:God I wish we'd stop hearing this myth. (Score 1) 366

by DNS-and-BIND (#49352375) Attached to: Millennial Tech Workers Losing Ground In US
Postive reinforcement isn't effective because it's positive reinforcement, it's effective because the person has done the right thing. Giving positive reinforcement when it is not deserved ("everyone gets a trophy") reinforces negative behavior that did not achieve the desired outcome. This works in childhood where adults can create closed environments but falls apart when faced with cold, hard reality.

Comment: Wait, what? (Score 0) 38

by DNS-and-BIND (#49335857) Attached to: Michael Stonebraker Wins Turing Award
The "Nobel prize of computing"? Jeez, has the author been in a space capsule traveling back from Mars for the past decade? The Nobel prize isn't what it used to be - if it ever was in the first place. It's a damaged, discredited brand, like Paula Deen, Best Buy, or "hands up don't shoot". I'd avoid using the phrase in the future.

Comment: Re:eliminate extra sugar (Score 0) 487

by DNS-and-BIND (#49332501) Attached to: Hacking Weight Loss: What I Learned Losing 30 Pounds
See, this is why nobody listens to health nuts. Eliminate beer? It certainly is beyond the pale, for ordinary mortals. It is a great joy in life, and worth whatever temporary price must be paid. Only a highly motivated fanatic would voluntarily eliminate such a pleasure. What differences are there between you and ISIS? Not flaming, for real.

Comment: Re:greedy liar (Score 0) 451

by DNS-and-BIND (#49290331) Attached to: Lyft CEO: Self-Driving Cars Aren't the Future

(your iPhone App will show you the nearest ones

I love the lack of self-awareness in this. Most people don't have an iPhone...but I'm sure where you're at, everyone does and thus it simply doesn't occur to you to say otherwise. It's a kind of blindness that is a common affliction of secluded, cocooned urbanites who never leave their comfort zone. You live in the center of the city, don't you? How do your kids like the schools there? Just curious.

Comment: Re:People (Score 0) 216

by DNS-and-BIND (#49286455) Attached to: France Will Block Web Sites That Promote Terrorism
That wasn't an "outside military", it was the legitimate government engaged in putting down an insurrection by right-wing extremists. Liberty? No taxation without representation? Self-government? Ridiculous concepts, they should have let the smart people make the correct choices for them to ensure positive outcomes.

Comment: Re:Defeating the purpose (Score 0) 77

by DNS-and-BIND (#49285033) Attached to: NVIDIA To Install Computers In Cars To Teach Them How To Drive
And yet, strangely enough, millions of people each day arrive at their destinations unscathed. Really really bad at driving? Collisions would be daily or monthly events, instead of rare. My grandmother drove her entire life without a single incident. Even in countries where people really are bad at driving, still to be in a collision is a noteworthy event.

Comment: Huh (Score 1) 322

by DNS-and-BIND (#49282849) Attached to: Microsoft Offers Pirates Amnesty and Free Windows 10 Upgrades

I have lived in China for quite some time, and just thinking about it, I do not think I have ever seen a Chinese desktop computer running anything but XP. You can relax and stop throwing sales figures at me, Mr. Paid Microsoft Shill/Social Media Consultant who is surely monitoring this thread, I'm not saying it doesn't exist. I'm saying I've never seen it. Oh, wait, once, I remember it was at someone's house and I was surprised to see Vista running. But business/office desktops? All XP. I keep a directory on my USB stick full of programs to make XP less painful.

You have to realize, there are people out there whose first computer ran XP, and who are 30 years old now and it's all they've ever used. How is someone like this going to react to this new version of Windows? Will there be free training courses to go along with the free licenses?

Comment: Re:My experience with bilingual people (Score 0) 274

by DNS-and-BIND (#49282777) Attached to: Speaking a Second Language May Change How You See the World
I'm bilingual, dumbass. I understand the benefits of speaking a second language, and I understand quite well the benefits of an entire country being able to talk to each other. The country I live in has horrible problems because there are too many languages and people can't communicate.

Comment: Re:My experience with bilingual people (Score 0) 274

by DNS-and-BIND (#49281381) Attached to: Speaking a Second Language May Change How You See the World
A country the size of America where everyone speaks the same language? What a huge advantage. There are hundreds of millions of Chinese people who don't speak the official language. How many wars did Europe have because they couldn't communicate with each other?

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