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Comment Re:Small correction (Score 1) 115

If Israel had formally annexed the Palestinian lands and expelled the Palestinians all their "Apartheid" problems would be gone today. They would have secure borders and no terrorist problems. Of course that would be a war crime, and the Jews are too soft to actually do that.

Comment Re:Extraterritorial jurisdiction gone amuck (Score 1) 624

What would happen if Facebook claimed that they existed only in the USA, and therefore were only subject to American law? The users are contacting Facebook servers and asking for stuff, so long as there are no Facebook servers in Germany they could claim that.

Comment Re:Mission accomplished (Score 2, Informative) 361

We have several cheap battery technologies. Molten salt (big vat of hot liquid, heated by incoming power to charge, steam engine taking off heat to provide electricity), and hydroelectric (big reservoir up high in the mountains, recharge by pumping water into it, water turned generators to draw power off).

Comment Re:Did NOT rule the program constitutional. (Score 1) 144

So you are saying the only way to "Fix" this is for a courageous band of oddball hackers, led by a charismatic young man (who has a fashion model girlfriend) to hack into the computers of the NSA (lead by their genetically engineered clone of Hitler) and expose them to the world (involving a spectacular car chase).

Comment Re:Done to _gouge_ the customer better (Score 1) 378

They put a small block of copyrighted data in the cartridge, and the printer checks for it. It won't print if not found. Any after market cartridge would need to copy it to work. In the Auto market the courts have ruled you can have after-market auto parts. We just need to wait for a court to apply that legal precedent to printer cartridges.

Comment Re:Good/Bad/Ugly (Score 1) 96

Cost of moorage, cost of running pumps to circulate sea water through your cooling system, cost of maintaining a boat, cost of maintaining the high speed data network to a boat. The only way this is cheaper is if you can't find cheap land near enough to the ocean to allow a pair of pipes to be run for cooling.

They are called computers simply because computation is the only significant job that has so far been given to them.