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Comment Re:Yeah, that's the problem (Score 4, Insightful) 135

Americans are fine with giving trillions to the banks (Communism) and giving billions per year to big agribusiness (export subsidies=Communism) and having public roads (Communism), but don't you dare have publicly funded medicare. The biggest issue is many Americans have no idea what Socialism is, and don't recognize it when it's shoved down their throats.

Comment Re: Sounds like a psycopath. (Score 1) 485

They undermine American security by diluting their intelligence efforts to the point they can't achieve anything and they have a multi-national conspiracy to subvert the law of the land. I am not a lawyer but that could be construed as meeting the requirements of treason under US law.

Comment Re:Probably not a coincidence (Score 1) 214

If they checked for duplicates, it would prevent illegal immigrants from re-using a stolen number in order to work in the USA. Checking for duplicate use seems like an easy way to prevent illegal immigration, certainly cheaper than a three thousand mile fence. I suspect that government has taken steps to prevent such checking, in order to lower the cost of doing business (for corporations) in the USA.

Comment Re:Protect yourself (Score 1) 41

Encrypting your phone should keep the local police out, but we should assume the feds have arranged back doors for their own use. I'm not sure we can avoid that problem, given they could pay to have the backdoor installed into the chips at the fab. Ex. they make you run your phone through the scanner at airports. Are they looking for drugs or downloading your phone's memory?

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