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Comment Re:Policy should be based on facts (Score 1) 290 290

1-The only people making an in depth examination of the issue are those who make a lot of money if the answer comes back "safe". 2-Is it ok to put pork in sausages shipped to the middle east and not lebel it? After all, religious dietary restrictions are not valid health and safety issues.

Comment Re:Well, sure, but... (Score 1, Interesting) 290 290

The whole GMO issue has nothing to do with feeding the poor. GMO grains cost more so the starving proles can't afford to buy the seeds, they just save their current seeds for next year. First world farmers like GMO because they get a higher profit margin, but only if they can sell it at full price. If you mark the GMO foods then people will demand a discount (because many people think it's "bad"), and that wipes out the higher profit margins and that's why they work so hard to prevent labeling.

Comment Too big to fail (Score 5, Insightful) 255 255

There is a size limit to corporations, beyond which they can't be controlled, and if they fail it brings down the whole country. It is in the national interest to keep corporations below that size limit. This should be discussed, nationally. If only we could convince the huge multi-national corporations that control our news industry to allow it.

Comment Re:Other opponents (Score 1) 446 446

In poor countries the people would sell (more expensive) food to make a living, so the higher prices would not harm them (provided they have time to adapt). The main cause of starvation in the third world is massive export subsidies from the first world wiping out their food industry. Unemployed people can't afford the cheap food.

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