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Comment Re:Energy in? (Score 3, Insightful) 155

Using energy from windmills to power the process in a remote location (arctic etc) is cheaper than flying in gas. Using energy from the nuclear reactor of an aircraft carrier to produce jet fuel while at sea would save a lot of money/risk on transporting fuel. Using this tech to make fuel at a military base in a dangerous place (Afghanistan etc) would reduce the need for supply convoys, and save lives.

Comment Re:What could go wrong (Score 4, Insightful) 407

On most highways the cars only cover about 20% of the pavement. Unfortunately that's as good as this idea gets. It only makes sense to put solar panels where the cost of the panel is less than the value of the electricity, and roads isn't one of those places (armoured glass is expensive, they get scratched and dirty). Better places: a roof over the road (massive reduction in snow/ice removal costs, you can use cheap solar panels), on house roofs (you can use cheap solar panels), deserts (cheap land, lots of sun, cheap panels).

Comment Re:The sad thing is (Score 1) 539

Advertisers need to make their adds useful to the people. Allow people to specify what they want to know about, and have the add company search out deals and stuff that matches. It would be like Google, but automated, working to find products and services you want to buy instead of finding yet another cat picture.

Comment Re:This will sound harsh, at first... (Score 3, Insightful) 243

The Purpose of H1B visas is to depress American workers by forcing them to compete for jobs with the third world. If they had the slightest interest in "Filling gaps" they would be fast tracking immigration for people with needed skills, instead of training foreign workers then sending them home at the end of the contract.

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