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Comment Re:Not universal food, shelter and health care? (Score 1) 142

If you have global communications then your remote 3rd world village can have someone take a correspondence course to become a nurses aid or midwife. You can learn ways to increase crop yields, make your house safer, prevent disease, and get access to family planning info.

Comment Re:Proves That It Should Return To the Moon First (Score 1) 194

Having a national program that jump starts American science and technology is a great idea, but you can get the same results at less cost using other types of projects. Organ regeneration, where you make damaged or missing body parts grow back (as opposed to organ transplants from dead bodies) would have huge benefits to all Americans, and massive science/technology spin-off benefits. And the payments from foreigners using the process would pay for it with interest. Terra-forming California would turn the state into a tropical paradise that also could feed the country, and you could sell the tech to rich middle east countries.

Comment Re:Proves That It Should Return To the Moon First (Score 1) 194

Science follows engineering, engineering follows manufacturing. All the major Science countries have high tech manufacturing industries. And the USA is actively wiping out the foundation of their science and technology industries by exporting it to the third world. Those in charge of the USA care a great deal about quarterly profits, and not much at all about the long term supremacy of America.

Comment Re:Misunderstanding (Score 1) 403

1-the target of any national security letter or requests for information must be notified after 1 year, no exceptions. Those are emergency powers only. if you're spying on the same person for more than 12 months then get a real warrant. (Even if they just ask for your phone number.) 2-no secret laws. the final step in making a law must be getting openly published. how can you defend yourself, when they can't tell you the details of the law you broke?

Comment Re:Wrong! (Score 4, Insightful) 485

A fundamental part of the USA symbolism. You have flags and songs and all sorts of symbols, to tell you that everything is true and right and you don't need to look at the man behind the curtain. Having the dog catcher and the sheriff and common clerks elected is how you know democracy is safe, and you can relax your guard and be a happy consumer.

All science is either physics or stamp collecting. -- Ernest Rutherford