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Comment: Re:At least he included warrants (Score 4, Insightful) 174 174

Spying on everyone isn't effective if everyone knows about it. They need to publicly back down on the spying, let this blow over, then bring it all back in secret. If they don't do this it means they are not interested in gathering intelligence, but rather in the chilling effect.

Comment: Re:Stuxnet (Score 1) 357 357

The USA is hugely vulnerable to this sort of attack. The NSA should be investing most of their resources to building up the network defences of the US. The apparent fact they are not spending any resources on defence says bad things about the countries future stability.

Comment: Re: Cost of making the USA piss their pants: Price (Score 3, Insightful) 357 357

The world trade centre attack was done by Saudi terrorists, and the US attacked Iraq in retaliation. If an Iranian hydrogen bomb takes out New York or Washington I expect that what's left of the US government and military will attack whoever they really want to attack, regardless of the evidence.

Comment: Re:Cost of making the USA piss their pants: Pricel (Score 1) 357 357

The biggest threat to Iran isn't Saudi Arabia, it's the US army. History has shown the American military doesn't directly attack a country with nuclear weapons. The risk of a few nuclear missiles from rival countries is acceptable casualties compared to what happened in the Iran/Iraq war.

Comment: Re:Cost of making the USA piss their pants: Pricel (Score 1) 357 357

The USA was actively trying to control Iran from the start. Being "nice" doesn't protect you. They have a choice: 1-be best friends with a major world power (and do their bidding). 2-Having a small nuclear arsenal. The US won't invade a nuclear armed country.

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