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Comment skin it (Score 1) 681

I've always wondered why the Explorer interface as a whole has always presented itself as largely immutable (excluding HTA folder templates). Why not take a lesson from elsewhere in the industry (winamp?) and make it skinnable? Add plugin support. If you like the default MS skin, use that. Otherwise.. sign into whatever flavor of app market and download an alternative. This would include alternatives to the much hyped and boring Aero.

Comment Different route entirely. (Score 1) 862

The Windows XP start menu worked great. It was crowded but accessible. And simple at that. Windows 7 start menu is a little give and take, but the "All Programs" folder is just sweeping a bigger problem under the rug. Like searching in the Windows attic for your programs. In Windows Vista they should have released an Explorer SDK. By now there would be several community based shell options available, based on a common framework. At least they are consistent about keeping Microsoft components closed to customization. Instead we get clunky Windows Desktop Gadgets and gradient wallpaper options.

Comment This is the beginning of the end (Score 1) 1148

Whatever the outcome with the Japanese nuclear plants, this paints a grim future for the nuclear power industry. I hope they do something responsible with waste/unspent fuel from soon-to-be decommissioned plants (ie, render it unusable/unobtainable by terrorists). But unfortunately there's too much monetary temptation for foreign governments to keep their radioactive stockpiles out of the hands of well qualified buyers. And storage issues - I wouldn't put it past someone to consider dumping spent fuel into the ocean. Nuclear safety -- oxymoron? Safe considering the process that is happening, and the rare instances of failure. But as a whole, not a flawless system. It is the industrialized version of safety, not fool-proof / fail-safe. Thick concrete walls apparently aren't enough. If the design allows for the possibility of release of radioactive material then it is a risky compromise as far as the public is concerned.

Comment Perfect (Score 1) 306

This opens the door for a new nvidia chipset to decrypt the encrypted images so that they can't be displayed w/o connection through an encrypted HDMI connection. It will be just like video overlays if you try to do a screen capture.

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