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Comment: Re:Negative mass- not antimatter, but odd (Score 1) 214

by cuby (#47475093) Attached to: Cosmologists Show Negative Mass Could Exist In Our Universe
I don't know very little about the subject, but I have a question and a speculation.
The question is what would happen in an encounter of 2 objects with symmetrical masses?
The speculation is about negative mass and antimatter... What if, somehow, negative mass was more attracted to antimatter? Could that explain why there is so little antimatter around?

Comment: This was the last drop. (Score 2) 293

by cuby (#46095339) Attached to: Why Does Facebook Need To Read My Text Messages?
My nexus S was getting slow and I needed another phone. For some time I was seeing google changing open applications for closed ones. I already knew that the permissions on android were broken. I never installed LinkedIn because of the calendar permission... No reason for that! And then I see this Facebook update and an older one asking to authorize the keyboard to access the internet... Why?? I talked with some Friends with iPhones and I got convinced that iOS protects me better. I bought a second hand iPhone 5.

Comment: Re:Poll talks (Score 1) 166

by cuby (#44008429) Attached to: To replace Google Reader, I favor ...
The problem with this "70% of I don't use Reader" is that the other 30% that used it. They are highly connected and, I bet, most of them are content producers. These are the trend creators. By pissing them, Google only has created the impression the its services cannot be trusted in the long term... And it will stick.

Comment: Jboss != Jboss AS != WildFly (Score 3, Interesting) 40

by cuby (#43503785) Attached to: Red Hat 'Fedora-izes' JBoss With New WildFly Java Application Server
JBoss started as a Java application server (AS). At some point it got much bigger and now is more like the Apache community. Lots of projects like Hibernate and Infinispan are part of it.
In the AS side of things, there were already 2 kinds of releases. Like Fedora, you have the 6 months(?) releases supported by the community and then, from time to time, you get the stable Red Hat EL to be used by clients with support contracts. WildFly will be much like fedora in this sense. Jboss AS will continue for the ones with support contract. Until now, if you used JBoss in a serious task, there was almost no difference in the quality between paid and unpaid versions, from now on, I think it will be a different story.

Comment: This is not radical (Score 2) 108

by cuby (#39539911) Attached to: A 'Radical Manifesto' For Computer Teaching In English Schools
This is obvious. Like in England the "CS" curricula in Portugal (where I am) teach how to use Windows or Word and not the science behind computers. Piking in a analogy used in the manifesto. Teaching specific this commercial software is like teaching how to listen songs of Lady Gaga in a music class.

Comment: Re:Boot times? (Score 2) 221

by cuby (#36877002) Attached to: Ubuntu 11.10 Down To 12-Second Boot
I shutdown my laptops a lot.
Hibernate takes forever to recover (I don't run only firefox...), so I don't use it.
Slep is Ok but for 2 or 3 times I forgot a laptop for several days and the battery got completely dead. Needless to say that its charge capacity is now around +-20%. Li-ion batteries should no be completely discharged.
Now I think twice before using sleep.
(I use Ubuntu)

Comment: BS as usual. (Score 1) 450

by cuby (#35295876) Attached to: Apple in Talks to Improve Sound Quality of Music Downloads
24bit is irrelevant if you use a lossy format like MP3 or AAC. If you use raw PCM (WAV, AIF...) or lossless FLAC you may feel the difference in a very good sound system.
I have an entry level audiophile system and I can assure that a lot of the records hold a shitty sound the will not benefit with 24bits/192KHz.
Moreover, in my town there are almost no hi-fi sellers because everybody listens music in portable devices with dubious quality.
The way records are being made has changed since the beginning of the dominance of MP3. One of the consequences is that producers focus in strong bass and light high because in a compressed MP3 those are the most hitted freqs...
In a low end system if you reduce the sample rate to 32KHz (from 44KHz) you will not feel the difference and they talk of 24bits... This is pure BS.
In the 80's even with analog systems sound quality was almost the same as today.

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