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Comment: Re:No SOMA cube? (Score 1) 266

by ctrl-alt-canc (#48854485) Attached to: Best Cube?
Well, since it was inspired by Heisenberg, SOMA cube might be on the list...
I too was going to post about it, since I built one while at the university. I found it some weeks ago hidden in a box where I packed some stuff of my young age, together with some pics and agendas, and now my son is playing with it! If I remeber correctly the SOMA cube was described in one of Marting Gardner's books.

Comment: I live in Italy and... (Score 1, Informative) 88

by ctrl-alt-canc (#48666197) Attached to: TripAdvisor Fined In Italy For Fake Reviews experience with site reviewing restaurants is awful. I use them just as search engines to find a list of restaurants close to my location, then I ask to friends if they visited them. To my experience sites like Tripadvisor are just too much infested by fake reviews, either positive or negative. Among the reviews, last month I found on Tripadvisor a nice gem: a very positive comment about a restaurant very close to where I live. The restaurant was indeed excellent and reasonably cheap, but it was shut down more than two years ago, and the review was posted last month...draw your own conclusions.

Comment: Re:How? (Score 4, Informative) 61

by ctrl-alt-canc (#48384609) Attached to: Researchers Forecast the Spread of Diseases Using Wikipedia
They made the assumption that if a disease is spreading somewhere, there people start looking for information about the disease on wikipedia.
This implicitly makes some big assumptions, among which the facts that people are aware of the disease and that they have internet access.

You can easily understand why their approach is of very limited usefulness, and scientifically questionable. I think that it is not by chance that their method fails to work when analyzing data for Uganda (where internet usage probably isn't widespread) and does not score well for China (where censorships both limits information about disease outbreaks and internet access).

They also state in their paper: "With these constraints in mind, we used our professional judgement to select diseases and countries.", and this raised my eyebrows a lot...

I would like to put at chance their approach by sifting wikipedia access data looking for Ebola keyword in slovenian language, and then forecast the diffusion of Ebola in Slovenia (equal to nil up to now...), but I try to use my time for testing methods that are better-posed.

"There are three kinds of lies: lies, damned lies, and statistics."

+ - Yahoo mail users are experiencing password recovery problem.

Submitted by ctrl-alt-canc
ctrl-alt-canc (977108) writes "If you cannot login to your yahoo mail because either you forgot the password or your account has been hacked you are in troubles. Password recovery system at yahoo is behaving strangely, and the result is that many people are getting angry. This seems to be the result of a security update on yahoo servers.
Yahoo claim that the problem has been fixed, but users do not agree."

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