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Comment Re:Bad voting method, abused by Shmucks (Score 1) 1044

it was people like Mary Robinette Kowal and John Scalzi that urged the destruction of the Hugo's.

Citation needed. In fact, I can save you the trouble of linking to John Scalzi's view of the Puppies' stuffing of the nominations. That does not urge the destruction of the Hugo's. Actually, it states unequivocally that what the Puppies had done was fine and that there was no need to change the process

Comment Re:And the winner is... Vox Day (Score 1) 1044

That article doesn't say what you think it says. The context of that article was a lot of people running around saying that the Hugos were doomed because the various "puppies" groups had managed to nominate some garbage by voting for a slate. Scalzi's article simply explains that while it's possible for a minority to get things nominated, that doesn't mean that it's possible for the minority to get Hugos awarded. In other words, everybody's doom and gloom about the Hugos was misplaced.

It's worth reading his article, because it is quite interesting and it is how I learned a lot about the process.

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