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Comment: Re:What's in it for me? (Score 1) 50

by ctid (#45794827) Attached to: Video Games Charity Raises Over $10 Million

I don't know the price but if it's more, your decision to buy from this charity is based on how much spare cash you have. Capitalism has been kind to lots of people so they might want to go for it. You shouldn't sweat it if you prefer not to. It's a charity; you donate if you want to and can afford to. If not, buy your stuff elsewhere.

+ - NY Comic Con Takes Over Attendees' Twitter Accounts to Praise Itself->

Submitted by Okian Warrior
Okian Warrior (537106) writes "Attendees to this year’s New York Comic Con convention were allowed to pre-register their RFID-enabled badges online and connect their social media profiles to their badges — something, the NYCC registration site explained, that would make the “NYCC experience 100x cooler! For realz.”

Most attendees didn’t expect “100x cooler” to translate into “we’ll post spam in your feed as soon as the RFID badge senses that you’ve entered the show", but that seems to be what happened."

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by ctid (#44696415) Attached to: US Electrical Grid On the Edge of Failure

How could this post be modded Informative? The only information it contains is that the author of the post is an idiot. Europe was not "utterly destroyed". It's not just one country. Countries were affected differently, depending on where they were with respect to the fighting. We've already heard from Swiss and Swedish readers who live in countries that have working infrastructure despite the fact that they were not "utterly destroyed" in WWII. I didn't reply to this post before because I assumed that the poster was just trolling and that it would get moderated down as soon as a someone with mod points saw it. I'm replying now because it has somehow been moderated up.

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by ctid (#44540069) Attached to: OmniCam360 Camera Cluster Lets You Choose the Viewing Angle

I don't think the word "better" really applies, because not everyone is interested in the same thing. Some people want to see the game and nothing but the game. Other people want to look at the crowd. Others want to replay over and over controversial or exciting moments. Some people want to watch one player specifically, while others would prefer a much wider angle so as to be able to see the pattern of play developing. Some people like to see the facial expressions of the players.

It's not a competition and there is not one "best" way. If there is a choice of ten views of the game, there will be some people who like each and every one.

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by ctid (#44471631) Attached to: A Year of Linux Desktop At Westcliff High School

It's best to read the article before posting. I have provided the crucial paragraph below:

Once we decided to go ahead, a special newsletter was sent out to all parents. We probably had less than half a dozen who disagreed, maintaining that learning Office was a more useful skill. Whilst I accept their views, I would argue that an 11 year old student starting with us in September 2014 will probably not reach the job market until 2024 or there about. What will Office 2024 look like? Your guess is as good as mine, but good basic skills and a logical and analytical way of dealing with computers will be good for a lifetime.

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