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Comment: Users Ditch Australia's Largest ISP (Score -1, Redundant) 173

by cthart (#32701154) Attached to: Australia's Largest ISP Ditches Linux Mirror

"Users of Australia's largest ISP, BigPond, have decided to ditch it. The users posted a terse update on the service's website, citing reasons of low popularity and the existence of better services. BigPond customers were not impressed, given that the ISP is infamous in Australia for its high prices and relatively low monthly quotas of bandwidth (many users are on 10gb or 25gb per month plans) and for canceling a download service, downloads from which did not count towards their monthly limits."

Comment: Re:yes (Score 0) 349

by cthart (#31893830) Attached to: Virtualizing Workstations For Common Hardware?

A virtualized development environment is brilliant!

A few years ago we bought a large spec Dell server:
PowerEdge 2950 with dual quad-core Xeons
At present we have (just) 16Gb of RAM
We use 6 750Gb SATA 7200PRM drives in a RAID6 configuration.
This server runs VMware ESX 3.5

Today you could get even more powerful CPUs now and load up much more RAM. VMware 4.0 would probably also perform better

Each developer has a Windows Server 2003 virtual machine.

The server is housed in a datacenter in The Netherlands, we access the virtual infra via VPN and RDP (Microsoft's remote deskop protocol).

I'm developing from Sweden, a colleague works in Belgium.

I often don't even realise that I'm working remotely, only when I try to run Google Maps in a browser does it break down...

So don't tell me virtualisation is only for servers not for workstations.


P2P and P2P Links Ruled Legal In Spain 265

Posted by samzenpus
from the pirate-friendly dept.
Nieriko writes After three years of arduous litigation, Jesus Guerra Calderon, owner of both a small bar and the P2P link webpage '' has beaten the SGAE (something like the Spanish version of the RIAA). The historic ruling states not only the legality of link webpages, but also the legality of P2P file-sharing networks. Quoting the judge: 'P2P Networks as mere data transmision networks between individual internet users, do not breach any rights protected by the Intellectual Property Law.' Downloading a file (from a P2P network) for private use is perfectly legal as long as there is no lucrative or collective use of the downloaded copy."

+ - do { ... } while (false);->

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Jason Jones
Jason Jones writes "Let me share one of my favorite little programming idioms ... do { ... } while (false); I picked it up from a friend who learned it from a friend, who probably saw it in a book. It may seem like a do-nothing, but it is a very nice low-budget and high performance exception handling mechanism. The typically application is something like this:"
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