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Comment: Re:But is it extortion? (Score 1) 272

by csplinter (#42993545) Attached to: Nikon Buckles To Microsoft, Will Pay "Android Tax" For Smart Cameras
You accuse OP of trolling, but I find your comment to be much more antagonizing. He make an interesting point, whether you agree with software patents or not. (I don't.) Not every dissenting opinion is a troll, and to play that card reduces your credibility to those who might be more ignorant about the subject.

Comment: Re:No way to tell? (Score 1) 1733

by csplinter (#25058115) Attached to: "Anonymous" Hacks Palin's Private Email
No, it's up try this EU proxy I think you will see that it's working just fine outside the US. They couldn't get it shut down, because wikileaks is hosted in Sweden on the same ISP the pirate bay uses, so maybe the secret service has been in touch with all the major US ISPs, arranging to have our access to blocked. Can anyone in the US, get to wikileaks.org? What ISP are you using? I'm getting blocked on SBC dsl.
It's funny.  Laugh.

+ - No goat sex at the Olympics, rules BBC->

Submitted by csplinter
csplinter (734017) writes "The Web 2.0-tastic BBC just loves "user generated content". So when London's Olympic team unveiled its logo for the 2012 games to much mockery earlier today, what could be better than unleashing the Wisdom of the Crowd? After all, anyone can do better than the official expensive design disaster. One entry, submitted by "Sean Stayte", won the approval of the BBC sitekeepers and was published as one of the twelve best submissions. In Sean's words:

Here is my design for the Olympic logo. It is very simple and so memorable. The hands represent Britain pulling together to reveal the Olympics."
(See Image Here)
Indeed so.

However, it also represents one of the most iconic and notorious shock pictures on the Web, which was originally hosted at goats.cx. Sean's splendid contribution has now been replaced — without comment from the BBC. Wikipedia, which once again proves that it's the undisputed champ of documenting anal-related web trivia, wasted no time in updating this important page,and has a screen grab here. Get there before some joker replaces it with the real goats.cx picture. Sean, we salute you."

Link to Original Source

More Music File-Sharing Lawsuits in Europe 227

Posted by CowboyNeal
from the at-it-again dept.
rfunches writes "The New York Times is reporting that 20,000 cases in 10 countries were brought against file-sharers in Europe, according to the International Federation of the Phonographic Industry (IFPI). '...Users targeted for legal action included a Finnish lumberjack, a British postman, a Czech IT manager and a German judge,' according to the article. More than 70 computers were seized in Italy by authorities investigating illegal file-sharing. IFPI targeted both those who 'illicitly downloaded music' as well as uploaders serving copyrighted material on file-sharing networks. Total music sales were down 3% in 2005 according to the IFPI, with the decline in physical media (e.g. CDs) countered by 'soaring' digital music sales."

"I think Michael is like litmus paper - he's always trying to learn." -- Elizabeth Taylor, absurd non-sequitir about Michael Jackson