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Comment: Re:Have this as well - it is an outstanding produc (Score 1) 118

by cshuttle (#28194725) Attached to: A Real-World Test of the Verizon MiFi

10. No need to use the crappy Verizon connection software on the laptop (or worse, Dell's bastard stepchild version)

Less Good / Room to Improve

As far as the VZ software goes, I learned from a board a long while ago that you can setup a dial up connection (dialing *777) through the WWAN modem, and it will connect over a standard DUN. Thankfully, I was able to do this and avoid installing the VZ/Smith Micro abomination they have.


Best Solution For HA and Network Load Balancing? 298

Posted by kdawson
from the cluster-wisdom dept.
supaneko writes "I am working with a non-profit that will eventually host a massive online self-help archive and community (using FTP and HTTP services). We are expecting 1,000+ unique visitors / day. I know that having only one server to serve this number of people is not a great idea, so I began to look into clusters. After a bit of reading I determined that I am looking for high availability, in case of hardware fault, and network load balancing, which will allow the load to be shared among the two to six servers that we hope to purchase. What I have not been able to determine is the 'perfect' solution that would offer efficiency, ease-of-use, simple maintenance, enjoyable performance, and a notably better experience when compared to other setups. Reading about Windows 2003 Clustering makes the whole process sounds easy, while Linux and FreeBSD just seem overly complicated. But is this truly the case? What have you all done for clustering solutions that worked out well? What key features should I be aware for successful cluster setup (hubs, wiring, hardware, software, same servers across the board, etc.)?"

Comment: Re:They cost about $4000 (Score 1) 146

by cshuttle (#17929304) Attached to: Panasonic ToughBook Testing Facility Tour

and you won't be stuck with an outdated, but perfectly functioning, computer.
Welcome to the world of durable machines. I wish I could really, really, really prove to my CFO that the server from 5 years ago was worth getting rid of, but truth to be told, the damned thing still functions. And the maintenance cost isn't high enough to justify getting a new machine.

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