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Comment Re:Is it just me... (Score 1) 516

> So, because you like the 256 color, flat, windows 3 style icons, everyone else is just opposing change? I never said that. All I said is I like the new icons. Everyone is entitled to their opinion, however I would say that people who refuse to use Windows 10 because of the icons are completely overreacting.

Submission + - NSA firmware may be on your hard drive (

An anonymous reader writes: Sensationalist headlines aside, Kaspersky has recently announced that they have discovered traces of spyware inside hard drive firmware from manufacturers such as Western Digital and Seagate. They said that they "...found personal computers in 30 countries infected with one or more of the spying programs, with the most infections seen in Iran, followed by Russia, Pakistan, Afghanistan, China, Mali, Syria, Yemen and Algeria." While NSA spokespeople often cite having targets who deserve their attention, their widespread infection rate might drive one might think twice before granting internet access to a computer that contains any sort of sensitive information.

Comment Re:Why? (Score 1) 2219

The problem I have with the mobile site is that my phone just can't handle it. It is slow slow as to be completely unusable. The desktop site runs fine though. Shouldn't a mobile site be more lightweight than the desktop site? It seems that reverse is actually true.

Comment Slashdot mobile website (Score 1) 407

If this is the case, why is the new Slashdot mobile website so javascript heavy? I simply cannot use it on my phone and have to revert to the desktop version, which runs much smoother and faster. Mobile websites should be lighter and faster than their desktop counterparts, not the other way around!

Comment Re:Excellent! (Score 1) 366

Now if only it didn't suck.

I wish someone - even Microsoft - would come up with a decent alternative to Google. Being a monopoly is making them more and more corrupt, and by being the gatekeeper, they now own too much of the internet.

Try It's pretty good

Comment CodeLite (Score 1) 1055 Its the only IDE I've ever found comfortable to use on Linux. Eclipse isn't designed for C++ and feels clunky as a result. Code::Blocks was OK, but seemed to have too many bugs to make it usable. CodeLite on the other hand is designed for C++ and I haven't encountered any major bugs preventing me from using it productively.

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