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Comment: Re:Snowden isn't coming - this is all a ruse (Score 0) 671 671

by crypticedge (#49174549) Attached to: Snowden Reportedly In Talks To Return To US To Face Trial

Moscow would publicly execute him for a small sanctions relief after their Ukraine actions. This is probably why he's talking trial, he knows his time is coming up soon in Russia, and he can't find a safe passage to any other nation that will let him stay without risk of US retribution.

Of course, he did commit treason by definition, so his fear of being treated as someone who committed treason is kinda spot on.

Comment: Re:Nostalgic for Windows 7? (Score 1) 640 640

by crypticedge (#48810439) Attached to: Microsoft Ends Mainstream Support For Windows 7

We're running 10 tech preview exclusively in our office. It's had a few bugs, but they haven't been blocking. The most frustrating one I've seen is the numlock bug (numlock off in bios was actually on in windows and vice versa) This is a huge issue if you have an always on numlock keyboard like my logitech 5500.

Comment: Re:LS (Score 1) 170 170

by crypticedge (#48550527) Attached to: Sony Hacks Continue: PlayStation Hit By Lizard Squad Attack

There's another option, if they're actually good at it, and that's the government will offer them a job (with the condition you'll sit in a cell for decades if you don't take it)

They don't do that for script kiddies like LS though, those people just get jailed and forgotten forever.

Comment: Re:Lizard Squad? (Score 2) 170 170

by crypticedge (#48550433) Attached to: Sony Hacks Continue: PlayStation Hit By Lizard Squad Attack

Denial of service is as much of a hack as unplugging your PC is. Sorry, but no hack, just children. Most people grown out of the anarchy phase of their life when their balls drop. It seems these manchildren haven't yet. Maybe if they put themselves to doing something productive and stopped living in their mothers basement they may stop being so angry.

Comment: Re:Sony needs to invest in their IT (Score 1) 170 170

by crypticedge (#48550359) Attached to: Sony Hacks Continue: PlayStation Hit By Lizard Squad Attack

They weren't hacked as much as someone parked on the bridge and claimed to have blown it up. A DDOS attack is not a hack, it's just drowning out other communications.

This is the same as someone going into a large room with a megaphone and yelling, then claiming they killed everyone in the room despite everyone still being very much alive.

Comment: Re:This is the voice of world control. (Score 1) 106 106

by crypticedge (#48450583) Attached to: Nuclear Weapons Create Their Own Security Codes With Radiation

Silos are a special reinforced concrete designed to withstand anything except a direct hit, and a direct hit wouldn't obliterate it. An in silo detention wouldn't be as bad as you think, but it wouldn't be pretty.

I'd go into more detail if I could, but you know, state secrets and all.

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