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Comment They stopped paying because the car does not run (Score 1) 907

Many people (numbers vary) stop paying because the car does not run and it is too expensive or not worth repairing. The problem is that many poor are taken advantage by paying $6,000 for a car that is not worth $2,000. The poor that need a car to get to their job do not often have the cash or knowledge to take the car to an independent mechanic to have it checked out before purchase. I have seen "low cost" dealerships try to sell cars with cracked blocks and bad transmissions. This device is a waste of money. What dealers need is device to find the car when it needs to be repossessed which has its own safety issues.

Comment Saddle up your horse before you cuss out the boss (Score 1) 224

The trick with whistle blowing is to make sure you have left the job BEFORE you blow the whistle. Snowden made sure he was out of the country. Others found employment elsewhere before blowing the whistle. With digital finger prints left in logs a whistle blower cannot assume that attempts to be anonymous will be successful.

Comment B grade tallent (Score 1) 220

Testing work is seen as a horrid job in my opinion. I see more tester jobs posted than any thing else in my field due to turnover and a reluctance to fill the positions from within the company. What makes the matter worse is that since most engineers will only apply for the positions when they have no other option so it attracts B grade talent. Given this I would not higher someone with a Software Testing degree since I would see them a low grade talent no matter their performance.

To reduce the test team size and tighten the schedule I instead push for test driven development. The tester team should only have to pass off one the tests that the engineers already developed and crack the whip.

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