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Submission + - YouTube blocked in China (again)->

cryfreedomlove writes: YouTube has been blocked in China since yesterday. The trigger may be a video of Chinese police beating protesters in Tibet. Quote from the article: "China is not afraid of the Internet," said Foreign Ministry spokesman Qin Gang on Tuesday. "We manage the Internet according to law ... to prevent the spread of harmful information."
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Submission + - Jimmy Carter says Bush allows torture

cryfreedomlove writes: Former US President Jimmy Carter is lending his reputation to the growing story that the USA, under the leadership of George W. Bush, is torturing prisoners in violation of international law. Carter is adamant that the torture is happening and that Bush is a liar. It is interesting that, because we live in a free society (for now), that this story is gaining traction in the press and now from a former President who has made a career in the past decade out of lending his personal integrity to causes of social justice around the world. This is happening despite the fact that the Bush machine is trying to urgently keep a lid on this story. Their chilling quote is: "Our interrogation methods are tough, safe, necessary and legal.".

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