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Comment Re:fuck you microsoft! (Score 1) 581

You realize that your cell phone is based on a subscription model don't you? Unless you pay someone for some kind of connectivity it is pretty useless as a phone. And yet you have no issues with that....

Are you on salary with Microsoft, is this is a per-post gig?

A correct analogy would be if the maker of your phone required monthly payments to keep your phone working, not with your phone service. Funny isn't, we actually use the word "service" in the name when the service model is necessary and rational.

We are all happy with paying an ISP monthly to provide the essential service of continuous connection to the outside world (just like phone service).

Comment Re:Farewell to the soulskill and samzenpus (Score 2) 581

Responding to your sig: "The SJW cancer on the left is starting to worry me more than the corporate oligarchy on the right."

Which is exactly what the corporate oligarchy on the right wants. Mission accomplished! That has been the strategy for 40 years now: distract, distract, distract. The perils of gay marriage burned out quite some time ago. Now reviving the Terrible Peril of Political Correctness yet again, with a new label. You are putty in their hands.

Comment Re:What would they expect him to do? (Score 1) 186

an HR Vice President has the legal and fiduciary responsibility to tell his boss he is committing a crime and to cut it out - not facilitate it.

I applaud your optimism and naivete.

No, there is nothing optimistic or naive about pointing out the truth. That is his responsibility.

What would be optimistic and naive is to think he would ever be punished for violating those responsibilities. Corporate crime is never punished these days, at worst there is a modest tax (a fine, or lawsuit pay-out) on part of their takings.

But Wikipedia editors sure can voice their displeasure about Jimmy rewarding him for malfeasance. No doubt Jimmy is expecting him to do the same favors he did for Schmidt. There is no reason that the public should turn the same blind eye that the law does.

Comment Re:What would they expect him to do? (Score 5, Insightful) 186

BTW, do we know what his salary at that "non-profit" company is?

Just that the Wikimedia Foundation is swimming in more money than they can spend. Part of that is due to really stupid non-profit laws that prevent setting up a trust account (which can be done by donors... just not the non-profit) to save the money for a rainy day...

Say what? Then how is that the Wikimedia Foundation is starting to set up an endowment this year if such a thing is impossible?

The endowment which they are just now creating is being funded with $5 million, after burning through almost $300 million in the last several years, and it is just 7% of their projected fundraising revenue this year. And if their problem is that they are "swimming in money" why the aggressive year-after-year fundraising goals of 10-20% growth every single year? That is the growth plan of an aggressive for-profit start-up, not a non-profit.

The fact is, Wikimedia could have easily funded an endowment long ago that would keep Wikipedia on-line forever without requiring another dollar in fundraising.

Comment Re:What would they expect him to do? (Score 5, Insightful) 186

I'm sorry - the argument that he can't be held to account for breaking the law because he was just trying to keep his (very well paid) job is about as weak a case as you could possibly make.

A top executive position is not some office flunky who only does what he is told, an HR Vice President has the legal and fiduciary responsibility to tell his boss he is committing a crime and to cut it out - not facilitate it. If he can't stand up to Schmidt, he can't stand up to Wales.

I would say that any other reasons for not employing him are superfluous.

BTW, do we know what his salary at that "non-profit" company is?

Comment They Very Well Might, But... (Score 1) 230

"The Federation of American Scientists argues that the high accuracy and low destructive settings means military commanders might press to use the bomb in an attack, knowing the radioactive fallout and collateral damage would be limited."

Just like MacArthur did during the Korean War, and by various folks during various stages of the Vietnam conflict.

But the President has to authorize any use of nuclear weapons, and will invariably ask "Is that your only option?" And when the answer comes back, "Well, no...." that will end the discussion.

Military commanders do not decide this.

Comment Re:How long is long enough? (Score 2) 104

The longer we look without seeing anything, the lower the estimate will be for the density of dark matter. At some point that density may fall well below what is expected from other experiments and theories. At that point one starts to doubt the theories, and to look for ways to revise them. But you need to look long enough to be sure the theories are wrong. Also, it could be that dark matter exists, but has a much lower density than theory predicts. To confirm that, you need to keep looking. Obviously not forever, but as long as you can.

You don't identify what type of "density" you are referring to - mass density or particle density. For mass density we have a very good idea of what it is from direct measurement of its gravitation - that is not really a matter of theory. Now particle density depends on what the mass of what the particles are. There we have room for lots of uncertainty, and of course there is the even bigger uncertainty about how the interact with known types of matter - regardless of particle density.

Comment Re:uninstall! (Score 1) 720

With Windows 10, Microsoft have become malware, and the will keep trying to shove this up your ass until they succeed or you forcibly stop them. All they'll do it re-issue it with a different number and keep trying.

And here is the kicker - what will they do next? If you had posted a prediction of what the Window$ 10 roll-out would entail a year ago, and described all the deceptive, self-serving behaviors that Micro$oft has served up M$ apologists would have laughed at and mocked you for your paranoia. With M$, anyone who is not paranoiac is not a realist.

Comment Re:Thanks (Score 4, Informative) 136

For this we can thank Madeline HalfBright and BJ Clinton. Thanks guys! In about ten years, we will be having the same conversation, except about Iran , Hillary, and BHO.

Here is the non-right-wing fantasy version (aka the "reality based version") of how North Korea went nuclear:

North Korea built its first graphite reactor, a prototype for its plutonium production reactors, during Ronald Reagan's first term of office, and it went critical in 1986 during his second term.

By that time work had begun in the plutonium reactors, and a plutonium extraction plant that was near completion in 1992, when Herbert George Walker Bush was in office.

The, in 1994, when Bill Clinton was President, and Madeleine Albright was Secretary of State the U.S. arranged the U.S.-North Korea Agreed Framework which halted all work on the Yongbyon site, both the reactors and the processing plant and North Korea made no further movement toward going nuclear. This lasted for eight years, the entire rest of the Clinton presidency.

The in 2002, during the George W. Bush Presidency, ham-handed confrontational 'diplomacy' ('cuz real men don't do subtlety?) caused the Framework to breakdown, and North Korea restarted all of its weapon program facilities. This resulted, four years later, in 2006, with George W. Bush still in office North Korea began its series of nuclear tests.

So all of the significant progress toward going nuclear occurred during 5 Republican presidencies, and the 8 years of Bill Clinton are marked by a remarkable freeze on that program.

Now go back to you Democrat-hating, Fox News is on.

Comment Windows 10 Roll-Out Made Me Rush Out and Buy... (Score 1) 314

New Windows 7 computers for everyone in my family. They also use Linux and Mac, but all have use-cases calling for Windows.

The computers are the most up-to-date and powerful models I could find that shipped with Windows 7 installed. Of course auto-update has been disabled. My intention is that these will be the last Windows computers I ever buy - unless a force awakens that overthrows the dark side, or throws a ring into Mr. Redmond, or something.

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