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Comment: Brain and Brain, What is Brain? (Score 1) 209

by crunchy_one (#49146233) Attached to: Surgeon: First Human Head Transplant May Be Just Two Years Away

Saw 'Bones do this on TV. See, Spocks' brain was cut out by bimbos to run a planet-sized HVAC system. "Brain and brain, what is brain?" demanded the head bimbo when Kirk requested it back. Fortunately, 'Bones put a colander on his head and hooked the brain back up with a nerve hooker upper.

So, that's how it's done.

Comment: US Monopoly (Score 5, Funny) 320

by crunchy_one (#49126885) Attached to: Use Astrology To Save Britain's Health System, Says MP
I'd like to remind David Treddinick, and any other non-US citizens contemplating similar actions, that we in the US take our intellectual property rights seriously. We believe that we and we alone enjoy the right to use or sell crackpot politicians. Unless Mr. Teddinick has a license for our technology, he's set himself up to be on the receiving end of some very strongly worded letters from our attorneys.

+ - Are the environmental benefits of electric cars a myth?-> 1

Submitted by siddesu
siddesu (698447) writes "According to an opinion of a Dr. Bjorn Lomborg, the electric cars aren't an overall good deal for the economy or the environment. The lifetime CO2 emissions of a Nissan Leaf or a Tesla are only 10% less than those of a comparable diesel or gasoline car, and the benefit estimate is only a tiny fraction of the subsidies the makers receive. Similarly, he estimates overall pollution from the production of electricity that powers electric car is actually as bad or worse than the pollution from gasoline cars. Is public investment in electric cars a misplaced strategy?"
Link to Original Source

Comment: Re:Why the fuck is there a video (Score 1) 271

by crunchy_one (#48988605) Attached to: Female-Run Companies Often do Better Than Male-Run Ones (Video)

Running FF here with Adblock Plus (with "nice advert" box unticked), Flashblock, and html5 turned off by about:config and disabling media.ogg.enabled, media.wave.enabled, media.webm.enabled,

No ads, no autoplaying video, and not terribly inconvenient.

Comment: Re:C is just a Macro Assembler with curly brackets (Score 1) 492

by crunchy_one (#48903569) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Is Pascal Underrated?
How often I've wished this were true. Here is an example of why C isn't an assembler. How do you access the condition codes maintained by the underlying machine? Try writing C that adds together two 8 (or 16 or 32 or 64 or whatever) bit binary integers while preserving carry out of the high order bit without having to perform additional integer operations to either synthesize the carry or recover it from an addition wider than the operands. C implements a simplified virtual ALU that has no notion of carry or overflow. It is certainly not the only language that does this, but it does make it impossible (or at least extremely inefficient) to do some things that an assembler allows as a matter of course.

Comment: My Internet of Things Nightmare (Score 1) 228

by crunchy_one (#48884621) Attached to: Eric Schmidt: Our Perception of the Internet Will Fade
The internet of things is getting to be scary crazy. Here's what worries me. Once you put things like your door locks into the internet of things, you're allowing some outside agency to decide whether or not you can enter your home, or worse, leave it. Fail to pay a parking ticket? Get confined to your home. Your ex accuses you of something nasty? Get confined to your home. Fail to make your Visa payment on time? Get confined to your home.

Comment: Re:How to prevent it from ruining my backups (Score 1) 181

by crunchy_one (#48754141) Attached to: Inside Cryptowall 2.0 Ransomware

Would it be possible/effective to mount the drive as write-only, making it impossible to change existing files?

Given the type of backup you are perform (a "push"), there is nothing you can do to prevent an active infection from destroying your backups while the HD is mounted. In theory, a backup to a blind drop may provide some protection, but there is no backup solution that I am aware of that will work without read access to at least its own metadata. Perhaps a developer opportunity?

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