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Comment: Re:It doesn't need Sinofsky... (Score 1) 70

by crudeboy (#41995983) Attached to: Sinofsky Dismisses Trying To Take Over Windows Phone, Developers

Visual Studio 2010 was awesome. Visual Studio 2012 is a sea of all caps menus, grey and such a minute dash of colour that makes partially sighted people like me wonder if they hallucinated it or got up too fast...

Seriously MS, fix it, along with the Coal Bunker/Snow Blindness colour schemes. I am not on a beach in Malibu, or the cockpit of a B2 on a bombing mission FFS!

You know you can change the color and font scheme with an extension?

Comment: Re:Must muscle in (Score 1) 93

by crudeboy (#41860657) Attached to: ARM, Microsoft Collaborating On 64-bit Windows Version

To quote Churchill, "If you're not a Windows user at twenty you have no skill, if you're using Windows at forty you have no brain."

Either Churchill knew about operating systems decades before the concept was even invented or you don't know the difference between a paraphrase and a qoute... In either case you didn't really add anything of value to the topic, now did you?

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