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Comment: Re:Bullshit Made Up Language (Score 1) 512

by crossmr (#46612519) Attached to: Why <em>Darmok</em> Is a Good <em>Star Trek: TNG</em> Episode

I think you're missing the point. It's something I thought about for a long time, but it is BS. How could such a society function?
How could you communicate simple daily tasks by talking in such opaque references? How did those people talk in the first place? Language develops to be function, it was not a functional language. How the fuck could they ever build a spaceship trying to communicate like that?

Comment: Re:NoScript (Score 1) 731

by crossmr (#45996449) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Are AdBlock's Days Numbered?

No you didn't.

That's a great story, but it's complete and utter bullshit.
Most people would not just flea from some indie developer because an image in their game was suddenly not working. The communities of indie developers are in fact quite understanding.

As far as revenue goes, if you lost hundreds of dollars in revenue from a quarter of your users fleeing overnight. it would mean that you were in fact regularly making a serious chunk of change moving you out of indie status, to the point where you should be showing a lot more competence or be able to afford someone who has some.

Troubleshooting 101 is to run the app with all add-ons turned off in the browser. It shouldn't have taken you more than 30 minutes to find the problem.

You may have had an issue, but this story is sensationalized garbage, all from an AC no less..

Comment: Schizophrenic google (Score 2) 195

by crossmr (#45701571) Attached to: Google Makes It Harder For Marketers To Collect User Data

So do they want privacy or not?
On one hand they're claiming to serve up images by proxy to protect users privacy, on the other hand, they're using Google+ and youtube to force users to display their real name.

We had the issue where Google started forcibly customizing google services for you based on you signing up for Google+. When I signed up a couple years ago, it broke my news archive search, because it would only search news sites in Korea, and in Korean despite having everything in English and my account being created in Canada (I happen to be in Korea). While several months later that was actually fixed, they also went ahead and first removed the insanely useful timeline from the archive, and then just recently killed off the archive entirely, because who could ever want to read news more than 30 days old.

Butchering services, heavy handed user manipulation, my patience with google is quickly wearing thin.

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by crossmr (#45390761) Attached to: LeVar Burton On Google Glass

yes, they can follow your profile to friends profiles and check any public photos they have, but again that requires someone have a facebook account in the first place. This was a discussion about people without facebook accounts, and if someone just typed a non-account name as a tag on a photo. Those don't show up in searches, so doing so does in no way lead back to you.

The OP was claiming that it was basically a requirement that you signed up for facebook so that you could manage photos tagged of you since people could tag you in photos even if you didn't have an account. I was pointing out that if you don't have an account making generic tags like that would in no way lead back to you. Those names aren't searchable and since you don't have a facebook account the HR person is extremely unlikely to know that that person is your friend and check their account on the whim that some random person might have pictures of you. If they did, they'd take a hundred years to hire someone by the time they had the whole department trolling through every single facebook account ever on the chance someone somewhere might have a picture of you.

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