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+ - Bing Localizations break links

Submitted by crossmr
crossmr (957846) writes "Since I moved halfway across the world, I have found that a lot of websites and software likes to make assumptions about you based on your IP. While it isn't obvious if you move to a country that has the same native language as you it becomes rather apparent when you move to a country with a different native language. Besides Windows Live Messenger sending me updates in Korean, even though I've selected English as my language and my account was created in an English speaking country years ago, Microsoft has taken this a step further with Bing and absolutely destroying links people send. A Bing video was linked on facebook today. Those of you in North America and maybe the UK will have no issue viewing the video. However here in South Korea Microsoft has decided that instead of serving the linked content, they're going to break the link and redirect to a local provider doing a search for itself. While I can appreciate that a site like google redirects to a Korean version when you go to from Korea, they don't invalidate links to deeper content just because you're out of the country. I cannot find any obvious way to disable this "service". I had no inclination to use Bing before, but even less now."

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