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Comment Re:Can't wait for the aftermath. (Score 5, Informative) 149

Yeah this is a town of 1200 people and they only got a highway in the 70s. NWT has its own scale of how sparse it is. The largest city, Yellowknife is about 25k people and likely at least a four hour drive from that town. If you think the duopoly everywhere else in North America is bad, try NWT

Comment Re:You don't need a ROM in order to do speedruns.. (Score 4, Insightful) 151

Here's a list of tool assisted speed runs that are actually run on real hardware with a real copy of software :

Getting things to sync to real hardware is amazing that so much effort FROM FANS has gone into preserving these games in emulators that it works outside of those emulators.

Comment Well... (Score 1) 296

Even the user switching menu being permanently on and taking space from my tab bar is enough to have me wanting to switch.

I will say too that it seems like YouTube also has ads when having DNS ad blocking turned on. ( This behaviour is not something I've noticed before a month ish ago. It also seems like background audio on iOS is not possible when using the YouTube webpage. Just more extinguish of the EEE.

Comment Wouldn't apply to Netflix (Score 3, Interesting) 85

Free peering typically means that each carrier sends and receives about the same amount of data - they each benefit equally from the peering. How much data is inbound to Netflix? About 1/10000th what comes out.

That said, why isn't Netflix's traffic upload "paid for" when they pay their data centre ISP? or is that too perfect world?

Comment Worst offender (Score 1) 70

The worst I know of is the app "Skout".

They have really scummy tricks. It's really a mystery why google has allowed them to keep doing it.

Basically when you load a chat you see a text box, which normally you'd press to start typing. The kicker? it's not a text box. A moment after the chat loads the text box floats up and is replaced with an ad in it's spot. Even if you click directly on the box and not on the ad, it still brings up the ad. Until the text box locks position above the ad box it's not a text box, it's an extension of the ad.

Comment Re:Language (Score 1) 140

It is language specific, and they intentionally disabled it. It used to work fine. Then they disabled it in one update for what amounted to "reasons" and when called out on it on social media basically just gave excuses and have made no attempt to reenable it. It's really annoying.

Comment Re:Language (Score 1) 140

What makes it worse for Korean is that they removed the ability to change words. So if you're swyping along and you realize you entered a wrong word, well fuck you. You have to go back and delete the entire word and try again. No tapping the word and picking an alternate spelling. It used to have that functionality, they removed it, and can't seem to understand why that's a problem. If I wasn't such a long term user, I'd dump it, but it's hard to go back. Though, they keep pushing.

I've found accuracy to be abysmal lately. combined with the "we don't care about the user" attitude it might finally push me off the app. Too bad you can't get a refund at this point.

Comment Re:Incredible (Score 2) 105

No one cares about Elan Lee. Oatmeal sent people there from the site. His artwork is all over it. No one has even seen Elan Lee's name, they're only focused on the Oatmeal. The exact same idea from someone else without oatmeal's involvement would have probably not even gotten funded.

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