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Comment Re:GOOD GRIEF! (Score 5, Insightful) 390

Not to mention it's bottled by the same companies like Pepsico and Coke that make soda. So if people keep drinking water these companies have nothing to worry about.

We should make them worry and stop buying bottled water. Not only are you flushing your money down the toilet, but getting all those empty bottles out of our waste stream would be a great benefit for all of us.

Comment Re:Not everyone wants a gigantic phone (Score 1) 208

>I recommend getting a holster.

I got mine at!

Seriously, while I do wear one at work, a holster doesn't win you a lot of points in the looks department when you're out socially. It took me a while to recognize this fact ten years ago, and had a couple friends point out to me just how dorky they look. :)

I like to be able to have my phone in my pocket when out and about, anywhere other than work, where holsters fit right in with the standard polo shirt and khaki pants IT uniform.

Comment Re:I really like this feature. (Score 2) 182

The sad thing is the feature is based solely on signal strength.

I did a test where I just yanked the ethernet cable out of the back of my Wifi access point, effectively creating a "wifi island" with no internet access.

Everything stopped working and the phone did NOT switch to cellular without turning Wifi off.

I think this situation, a wifi network with a broken or overloaded uplink, is more common than a weak signal, and should have been anticipated as well when implementing this feature.

Comment Re:NOPE (Score 2) 208

As an iPhone user I've occasionally envied my Android-using friends for their removable batteries and SD slots.

Now that major phone makers are taking those features away, Android phones are losing two of their biggest advantages over iPhones. I even know at least one Android-using person who is thinking of switching to the iPhone because "What's the point without being able to swap batteries and SD cards?"

Big mistake. And I say this as an iPhone user who still wants Android to succeed because I shudder at what Apple would do without real competition.

Comment Why does this API exist? (Score 4, Insightful) 106

Why is there an API for sending a text message from a web page? Why does this need to exist at all?

You'd think someone at Apple, when they came up for this idea for this, would be shot down by someone else saying "Sorry dude, this is a feature that can be abused."

Same deal with javascript being able to open the App Store. WHY??

Submission Man Who Found Missing Dr Who Episodes Teases "More To Come"->

BigBadBus writes: In late 2013, Philip Morris announced that he had found 9 missing episodes of 1960s Dr.Who, which completed the 1968 story "Enemy of the World" and most of "The Web of Fear." He has now gone on record to talk about the only episode of these stories that he didn't find — namely part 3 of "Web of Fear" and teases of more episode finds to come.
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User Journal

Journal Journal: Voyage to Earth 1

"How you been, old man?"
"Wild Bill! I haven't seen you since... damn. You haven't aged a day!"
"I've been in space, you quit. You know space travel slows aging. So how've you been? I've been doing runs to Titan since the discovery."
"Bill, it's fantastic. My beer is the best selling beer on Mars, and they want us to import it to Earth. Can you believe it? And I have the cost down really low si

Comment Re:Doctor what's wrong with me? (Score 1) 111

Those genes are not expressed, and we don't have copies of those viruses floating around our bloodstream.

Probably, and for the most part. But we used to think the genome was mostly "junk DNA" before we understood that much of it was homeotic in function. It seems to me that virus copies would not be conserved over time unless they were serving some function.

Submission U.K. researcher applies for permission to edit embryo genomes->

sciencehabit writes: A researcher in London has applied to the United Kingdom’s Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority (HFEA) for a license to edit the genes of human embryos. Several techniques developed in recent years allow researchers to easily and accurately add, delete, or modify genes in cells. This has stirred debate about using genome editing in ways that would pass the changes on to future generations. The application filed with HFEA would involve only embryos in the lab, however, not any intended to lead to a birth. Many scientists say such lab experiments are crucial to understanding more about early human development, which could lead to new approaches to help infertile couples.
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Comment Re:Reminds me of story about a graphics chip compa (Score 1) 67

>One dumb decision was to try to save money by limiting the personnel to one new floppy disk per month

Wow, this has got to be one of the most hilarious cases of "penny-wise, pound-foolish" I've ever heard.

Floppy disks were cheap, even back then! They were practically a drop in the ocean when it comes to the budget of even small companies. What were these managers thinking?

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