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Comment Re:United Nations University, Not the UN (Score 1) 471

Many climate scientists whose names are on the UN report disavow any agreement with the report, correctly claiming that it was bad science, simply writing to a predetermined conclusion rather than examining the facts. If they were ever recruited for the report, their name appears on the final report even if they resigned because of their disagreement with the conclusions. The only exceptions are the ones who sued to have their names removed.

Comment Re:Britain/Northern Europe is Ocean regulated. (Score 1) 571

The funny thing is, an ice age is caused by warming oceans creating more evaporation and more precipitation in the cooler polar regions, not by cooler oceans.
Global warming is a myth, and the science is bad. It's all based on a computer model designed to "prove" manmade global warming, but measurements in the atmosphere and oceans don't bear out the model.

Comment Re:Where in the world? (Score 0, Offtopic) 281

Communism in Europe did not flourish in western Europe, where the trend had gone to more limited government, but in Russia, where the Czar was still supreme. Capitalism with a limited government is still the best.
A government big enough to give you everything you want is big enough to take everything away. -- T. Jefferson (quoted from memory so may not be exact)
As far as employers paying for training, I think they should, but require a declining restitution rate.

Comment Re:As someone totally ignorant in this stuff (Score 1) 368

One comment about the police equipment. It depends on infrastructure, and radio towers working. When they go down, police and other emergency responders still have to turn to hams. See the White house report on Katrina, appendix B, What Went Right. Ham radio is prominent.


Submission + - Executives and Network Security

crossconnects writes: "I am working on a paper for my masters degree on the impact of executives on network security. Almost everybody has anecdotes about PHB's, but I am looking for empirical evidence that will support (or debunk) the concept of executives' attitudes effect on network security. I am doing much of it online so any published books available online would also help for bibliography."

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