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The Courts

Ellen Pao Loses Silicon Valley Gender Bias Case Against Kleiner Perkins 272

Posted by timothy
from the she'll-resign-her-commission dept.
vivaoporto writes As reported by the New York Times, USA Today and other publications, a jury of six men and six women rejected current Reddit Inc CEO Ellen Pao's claims against her former employer, the venture capital firm Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers. Ms. Pao's suit, that alleged employment discrimination based on gender, workplace retaliation and failure to take reasonable steps to prevent gender discrimination, asked $16 million in compensatory damages plus punitive damages. The jury decided, after more than two days of deliberation and more than four weeks of testimony, that her formed employer neither discriminated against the former junior partner for her gender, nor fired the complainant because of a high-profile gender discrimination lawsuit against the firm in 2012. She alleged that Kleiner Perkins had promoted male partners over equally qualified women at the firm, including herself, and then retaliated against her for raising concerns about the firm's gender dynamics by failing to promote her and finally firing her after seven years at the firm after she filed her 2012 lawsuit.

Comment: Re:Facebook is Public (Score 1) 95

by croddy (#39002629) Attached to: Famous For Fifteen People: Is Everyone a 'Facebook Celebrity'?

Okay, but the claim that every user of their website qualifies as a public figure is ludicrous and insane. It's a great example of just how out of touch Facebook's leadership are with common respect for privacy. Today, merely not "liking" things may be enough, but it is clear that Zuckerberg and his thugs have no sense whatsoever of where to draw the line.

Comment: Re:Don't they do this every couple of years? (Score 1) 403

by croddy (#37181546) Attached to: The GIMP Now Has a Working Single-Window Mode

If that's actually the case, then I strongly suggest that GIMP for Windows be forked off into a separate project to deal with the deficiencies of that OS's window manager. I am pretty sure most GIMP users run it on Linux, though, where the normal multi-window interface works really well.

Comment: Re:Don't they do this every couple of years? (Score 3, Insightful) 403

by croddy (#37178560) Attached to: The GIMP Now Has a Working Single-Window Mode

I am saying that the Photoshop users clamoring for GIMP to be like this and GIMP to be like that are the dabblers, and don't represent the vast majority of Photoshop users, who as far as I can tell are happy with what they have and just have some work to get done.

Comment: Re:Don't they do this every couple of years? (Score 3, Insightful) 403

by croddy (#37178496) Attached to: The GIMP Now Has a Working Single-Window Mode

Okay, cool, so they don't want to use it? Good deal! I guess we can stop porting their shitty 1980's UI and window management models to it now, then, can't we? Can we just rip this fucking single-window crap right back out and put the GIMP back the way GIMP users use it, and not the way a handful of Photoshop dilettantes keep saying the GIMP *should* be so they can switch?


FSF Uses Android FUD To Push GPLv3 282

Posted by Soulskill
from the some-people-say dept.
jfruhlinger writes "We've already seen claims from Edward Naughton and Florian Mueller that most Android distributors are in violation of the GPL — claims that the open source community has, for the most part, rejected. Therefore it's disheartening to see that the FSF is using this line of reasoning to push the GPL v3 over the supposedly more troublesome GPL v2. The FSF's press release on the subject emphasizes 'worries' without bringing up a specific concrete case of infringement — a classic FUD technique."

Comment: Re:I hate flash. (Score 1) 274

by croddy (#36778782) Attached to: Adobe Released 64-bit Flash For Linux

This may come as a surprise to you, but people who unthinkingly and uncaringly consume whatever shitware is shoveled at them don't have opinions that matter when it comes to the future of technology. If you can't fix the shitstorm, we've been served up, then please, get the fuck out of the way so the rest of us can get it sorted. Got it?

Comment: Re:Make it better, not worse! (Score 1) 537

by croddy (#36035018) Attached to: Chinese iPad Factory Staff Forced To Sign 'No Suicide' Pledge

17 suicides out of a million employees is a shockingly low suicide rate. There are, of course, plenty of reasons to treat your employees right, other than merely discouraging them from killing themselves. Based on the available information, it seems that there is a lot Foxconn could do to improve morale and quality of living. I think it would be extremely foolish, however, to expect their suicide rate to ever fall below 0.0017 %.


Can You Really Be Traced From an IP Address? 246

Posted by CmdrTaco
from the who-are-you-who-who-who-who dept.
Barence writes "Identifying individuals using nothing more than their IP address has become a key part of anti-piracy and criminal investigations. But a PC Pro investigation casts serious doubt on the validity of IP-based evidence. 'In general, the accuracy of IP address tracing varies depending on the type of user behind the IP address,' Tom Colvin, chief technology officer with security vendor Conseal told PC Pro. 'Whilst big businesses can be traceable right back to their datacenters, standard family broadband connections are often hard to locate, even to county-level accuracy.'"

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