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Comment: Question (Score 2) 97

by crispylinetta (#42058143) Attached to: Mannequins That Watch Shoppers
Why are they placing this in mannequins' eyes? They just figured that mannequins approximate people and people see with their eyes, so voila? There are many face-level places to stash a camera that wouldn't "spur shops to adjust window displays and store layouts" and cause owners to rearrange the store to place a dummy somewhere that doesn't make sense. Forget the mannequin and put the camera in the wall! Place it in the rear of a window display! Stick it in a mannequin's eye if you want to! Then wire the data to the security room and analyze and log it there.

Or, just stop being invasive and don't do it at all. I would love to find a way to determine actual ROI on this type of investment. I would guess (and hope) that the results would be dismal.

Comment: Re:Those are some shoddy ethicists! (Score 1) 487

by crispylinetta (#41741097) Attached to: Is Non-Prescription ADHD Medication Use Ever Ethical?

my recollection of informal research is that caffeine is only safe to a certain point. Too much caffeine, like too much testosterone or steroidals, can be dangerous.

Or too much water, too much calcium, too much of anything. In determining the safety of ingesting something, one must evaluate the ease of staying within limits that are unlikely to produce negative results, and the likelihood and consequences of the negative results in comparison to the benefits.

Comment: My prediction for what will happen next: (Score 1) 1

by crispylinetta (#40845173) Attached to: Retailer Steals Hacker Group's Logo, Faces Wrath
on /.

Someone will say that anyone could be a member of Anonymous since there is no true association between members and all members are anonymous. Someone will respond with a somewhat half-witted comment and then someone will respond that with a "Woooossshh!". Someone will post an opinion, which will then be quoted with edits with a "FTFY" added to the end. Somehow "correlation!=causation" will work its way into the conversation, and probably a "frist" as well.

I think that should do it!

Comment: Jack Handey (Score 1) 255

by crispylinetta (#40841377) Attached to: Speed of Sound Is Too Slow For the Olympics
Why make things so complicated? Just use the speakers and play a recording of the pistol shot with no real pistol. Reminds me of the Jack Handey quote:

"Instead of raising your hand to ask a question in class, how about individual push buttons on each desk. That way, when you want to ask a question, you just push the button and it lights up a corresponding number on a tote board at the front of the class. Then all the professor has to do is check the lighted number against a master sheet of names and numbers to see who is asking the question."


Comment: Re:Just a label. (Score 2) 333

by crispylinetta (#40603959) Attached to: Trying to Untangle Anarchist Attacks On Scientists

Anarchist is a label for people who refuse to be constrained by society's limits. And one of those limits is not to kill.

Wrong, Anarchism in it's truest form is closer to socialism than chaos. Anarchism and lawlessness aren't the same. Anarchists don't want to abolish government so that they can go push old ladies down the stairs, that's a rebllious teenager's point of view. Anarchists just want everybody to be equal no person above or below any other in terms of power or pull. An anarchistic society would still have rules, but they would be decided by the community, there would be no police because the people of the community are responsible for it, every man, woman, and child. Please don't comment on things you know nothing about.

Correct. People seem to be confusing anarchy with nihilism; they are not the same.

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