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Comment: Disclosure (Score 1) 382 382

There was a time when manufacturers didn't have to even publish MSRP. The dealer network rather than direct sales was an early attempt at consumer protection. You probably take for granted the Monroney sticker ( on the window but it's not a voluntary disclosure.

Comment: Re:Self-hosted or Outlook (Score 1) 3 3

Thanks for reminding me about Outlook, I'll have to give it another look. I have a Hotmail account that predates Microsoft, and it hasn't always been sweetness and light. My current employer doesn't allow Dropbox, and somehow using Google Docs just isn't a very satisfying user experience.

+ - Ohio legislators will ask US to license Thorium nuclear for private industry. 2 2

h00manist writes: Two Ohio state legislators plan to introduce a resolution to promote research and development of energy from thorium reactors, and ask the U.S. Department of Energy and Nuclear Regulatory Commission to license liquid fluoride thorium reactors to be built and operated by private industry.

+ - Ask Slashot: Looking For Alternatives To Gmail 3 3

noims writes: I've been moving away from google for some time now, and am now looking for a gmail alternative for webmail and POP/IMAP. Not surprisingly, I'm having trouble finding another provider that's cheap/free, has reasonable security, and includes the features I've grown used to. My minimum feature requirements are decent search and filtering, customisable addresses (user+whatever@gmail is equivalent to user@gmail), and confidence that it won't suddenly disappear.

Does such a provider exist? What's the best out there, or do I need to roll my own?

Comment: Re:Damn (Score 1) 341 341

Vacuum fluorescent displays, flash tubes, argon lamps, the magnetron in every microwave oven, klystrons in accelerators, radio, microwave and radar transmitters, traveling wave tubes in satellites, and let's not forget nuclear weapon triggers. I guess gas lasers would also fall into this category.

Comment: Creepers (Score 1) 210 210

I've been saying for several years that LinkedIn's suggestions creep me out. I've got a personal email address linked to it, but it's suggested that I might know people I've only contacted through employer emails (completely unrelated to my contacts and industry), or even only contacted by phone! I feel it's gotten worse since they went public. I hope they get their ass kicked in court, I'll be following this case closely.

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