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Comment CRC (Score 1) 143

Forty years later, I still have my beloved CRC math handbook. Offered it to my son when he followed me into physics, but he was using wikipedia for derivatives and integrals. I still like browsing databooks, which were like baseball card collections back in the day. They were often like unobtainium, but - I made time for a TI factory rep, and he sent me everything they had. Likewise, I returned a woman's call at Motorola, and she was so happy I received two large boxes a couple days later. Doesn't hurt to be nice once in a while.

Submission + - Ask Slashot: Looking For Alternatives To Gmail 3

noims writes: I've been moving away from google for some time now, and am now looking for a gmail alternative for webmail and POP/IMAP. Not surprisingly, I'm having trouble finding another provider that's cheap/free, has reasonable security, and includes the features I've grown used to. My minimum feature requirements are decent search and filtering, customisable addresses (user+whatever@gmail is equivalent to user@gmail), and confidence that it won't suddenly disappear.

Does such a provider exist? What's the best out there, or do I need to roll my own?

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