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Comment: Do not rely on this for disaster preparedness. (Score 1) 115

by crevistontj (#44043089) Attached to: With an Eye Toward Disaster, NYC Debuts Solar Charging Stations
This is a nice amenity but is not a smart model for disaster preparedness. People should rely on themselves, not a solar charger that may or may not work and may or may not be available. I always have three phone batteries good for over a week of normal use, charged and ready to go. This cost me $22. You can buy 10,000mAH external batteries / chargers for cheap as well. If having a cell or tablet available is important part of your disaster preparedness plan, you should not rely on stuff you don't own that may not work and may be in use by 7,000,000 other people.

Comment: "Takedown" vs "take down" (Score 1) 629

by crevistontj (#34118614) Attached to: UK Pressures the US To Takedown Extremist Videos
Just because there's a combined form doesn't mean it's always correct.

Takedown is a noun: The wrestler scored two points for the takedown.

Take down is a verb phrase: Take down that video please!

See also: login, singin, setup, everyday, etc.

Confidential to Facebook: "Logout" isn't even a word at all.

Comment: CTRL+ENTER (Score 1) 406

by crevistontj (#30782062) Attached to: Bing Gaining Market Share Faster
Before Bing went live, CTRL+ENTER in Internet Explorer was a shortcut to surround the text in the address field with "www." and ".com" and then go. So I could type "amazon" then hit CTRL+ENTER and it would go to www.amazon.com. I used that shortcut all the time. After Bing went live, this shortcut magically changed from a useful tool to a Bing query for "amazon". I know it's possible to change it back with a reg hack or something but 95% of IE users aren't going to do this. Instead they'll just use Bing and click the first link, gaining ad revenue and perceived market share for MS. This is the kind of underhand crap that MS does that ticks me off. The fact that they were able to remotely change my keyboard shortcut without asking me or notifying me or telling me how to change it back is pretty shade.

Comment: Get a life (Score 1) 133

by crevistontj (#26852255) Attached to: Samsung Releases Solar-Powered Phone
You people who shit all over every single new product need hobbies or something. Just because it doesn't work for you or isn't exactly what you need or can't play Ogg Vorbis files and doesn't run Ubuntu 8.08.12-a build 2108-c doesn't mean that it lacks value. If it isn't your perfect product ... don't buy it. New features are steps toward better features. Every idea has to start with a single product, usually one with an imperfect implementation. I applaud Samsung for doing something interesting and different and giving their customers more options.

The solution of this problem is trivial and is left as an exercise for the reader.