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Comment: Not just chemistry (Score 1) 154

by crepe-boy (#42654155) Attached to: Bloggers Put Scientific Method To the Test
Drug companies often find that biological science from academia cannot be reproduced (or is much less robust than indicated. Amgen and Bayer have both published on this topic, and when they called the researchers to ask why, they were told that the bettter results had been picked for the publication. Reuters article

Comment: Bizarre (Score 2) 148

by crepe-boy (#39652111) Attached to: Matt Groening Reveals Springfield Is In His Home State of Oregon
In one of the episodes, which featured a biography of the family, they are described explicitly as a north Kentucky family. As evidence you'll see Shelbyville, KY,+KY just north of Springfield,+KY and there's even a place called Simpsonville,+KY just west of Shelbyville. I have no idea why they want to change their story now.

Comment: Re:Three hardware changes? (Score 1) 473

by crepe-boy (#38733738) Attached to: Ubisoft Has Windows-Style Hardware-Based DRM For Games
Not bullshit. I had a Dell/Alienware PC with WinXP suffer motherboard failure. I replaced the board with the OEM version (almost identical format). No other hardware was changed. A call to Microsoft resulted in them telling me (politely) that a motherboard switch wasn't allowed. If you search their website there's actually an early illustration for the product (re)activation process where they use a motherboard replacement as an example. When I pointed this out to the telephone support people I was told that this was "out of date" and not official policy. Please buy a copy of Vista...

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