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Comment: Re:Does this really do a lot of good? (Score -1) 193

by crenshawsgc (#32910950) Attached to: New Chinese Rule Requires Real Names Online
"and I sometimes seem to know more about their faiths (from an academic point of view) than many of the practitioners do" You really seem to believe that. That's so sad. "Often, I've pointed out the reasons they're doing something, or they history behind something, and they'll be like...oh....we've just always done it because our parents did." If you know China as well as you think, you'd know that means "I'm being polite to your absurd rudeness"

Comment: Re:Too literal (Score 0) 346

by crenshawsgc (#32694810) Attached to: A Professional Perspective On Apple's Retina Display
" 32" 1080p LCD (with a native resolution 3x that) and sitting more than 6 feet away, I can still see the pixels." In the sense you mean it, no. No you can't. "Hey, I wouldn't be R&D head of a multinational company, considering I only have a GED, if I couldn't back up what I say with proof and results" lol, no you're not, you might work in their IT dept What's that company again?

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