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Comment I'll tell you why I don't pay (Score 3, Insightful) 311

I'll tell you why I don't pay for quality journalism: I don't see any of it. Even when I read a NY Times or WaPo article, it's always something like this: some court has come to a decision and here is what a ton of people I don't care about think about it. There is never a link to the actual decision, there is never a summary of the legal basis for the decision, let alone an analysis of why the decision may or may not be sound. There are never any links to primary sources if want to follow up. The only links are to other stories by the same organization that I can click on and drive more revenue to the site. Exactly what value are you giving me?Pass.

Comment Re:Strange (Score 1) 133

This sounds like animal farm double speak. He has been charged but in Sweden they don't charge you until after they interview you, which they've not done. For me the question is, was he legally allowed to leave the country at the time he did. I don't honestly know the answer to that question.

Comment Re:Do we want this private? (Score 1) 75

While I'm generally a supporter of open records and transparent government. I'm don't understand what the rationale is for releasing this data. Why do I have to release my information to the public in order to avail myself of my basic right to vote? I could see that there would be some uses, research into voter demographics for redistricting and for study of fairness of voting but I'm not sure all this information is required to allow that, and even more I'm not sure the value outweighs the down side.

Comment I don't want windows 10 or whatever is next (Score 2) 165

I'm tired of coming back to my desktop PC and finding Microsoft has decided to reboot it without asking me, thus losing work. I'm tired of constantly being nagged to upgrade to windows 10. I don't want all information shared with Microsoft. I really wish I could but windows 7 and down grade. I only run Windows because some dev tools for electronic design and some games only run there and I can't get PCIe slots without buying an insanely expensive MAC. I think I'm pretty much end of the line with Microsoft. Disclaimer: I run MacOS X and FreeBSD. I'm not unaware of my options but there are some things for which I want a windows PC or I want Windows to die so I don't need a windows machine but just a PC.

Comment Re:He caused his own inconvenience (Score 1) 169

Actually they do have a 'tricorder to point at someone and get a reading that says "bomb"' only they don't call it a tricorder they call it an explosive residue detector. I don't care how much electronics you're carrying if it doesn't set off the explosive residue detector then it should go.

Comment Re:Reliability (Score 1) 163

Yes, but at $1million are you still going to build $100 million satellites? Perhaps you'd build a 10x$1million satellites with an estimated life time of 2 years, and spend $1million every 2 years to replace it (presumably with a lighter better performing version?). I don't know what a launch costs for $100 million satellite but assuming the dedicated rocket costs $60million your total cost is $160 million. If you change this so the total cost is now $101 million, it seems to be that you launches don't have to be much more successful than about 2 out of 3 before the economics make sense.

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