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Comment Re:Parents should be liable (Score 1) 254 254

If your argument is that it won't fix the problem (Disneyland) but it might persuade then you're not trying to be fair you're trying to be punitive towards people that don't do what you want. When their are so many other better arguments you'll have to forgive me if I completely ignore your suggestion if that's the argument you want to make for vaccines.

Comment Re:Pinto (Score 3, Informative) 247 247

Yes, but I live in the San Francisco Bay area and, were I to try to keep this minimum safe braking distance, I would end up a traffic hazard as I continually brake hard to reestablish my minimum safe braking distance to the idiot who has just switched into the lane in front of me since they can get ahead one car length.

Comment Why not ask the review site to remove it instead? (Score 1) 106 106

I find it interesting that the court insists that Google no longer returns the page with the negative review. Rather the court should force the review site to remove the review then the links should disappear from Google (and I assume the Google cached copy too after a while.) It seems an unfair burden to me to force Google to take ownership for any of the content on site that it indexes using purely algorithmic processes.

Comment What is the legal theory here? (Score 4, Insightful) 140 140

One of the things that I really hate about some journalism today is a failure to ask the obvious question. Could someone please explain under what legal theory an agency (state or local police) can sign an NDA and claim the NDA allows them to fail to meet a provision of law. I would think the law trumps the NDA and that it wouldn't be legal or perhaps unenforceable to sign such an NDA when you are required to release records under state or local law.

Comment Was any of this classified? (Score 2) 538 538

I fully understand the implication for archival purposes of this failure and I'm not happy but it seems she's trying to rectify this thought I'd rather a national archivist select which emails get archived not her staff. However,I kind of yawn at this aspect of things: not good but not worth getting in a tissy over.
My greater concern was if any of the communication was classified or unclassified but sensitive. I mean over the course of her tenure she's got to have had some emails like that. Even if none of it was classified or sensitive, does she understand the implications this has for national security particularly should she become president and do something this boneheaded? She's gotta know she was doing it and it was wrong.

Comment Which to choose (Score 1) 407 407

Pick Objective-C. The language is small and simple to understand. If you're already a good programmer with knowledge of C you can learn it in 2 weeks to a month. The frameworks will take longer but the language you can learn in a few weeks. C++ on the other hand will take you forever to learn, it's a large complex language.

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