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Comment Re:Electrolysis (Score 1) 147

Because it can take a while for a page to open whereas I can zip through and open twenty and during the day as I have time to read I go to a tab and start reading. Sometime I have had enough of a subject for now, but may want to come back and continue at the same place I was reading, I can flip to another of my open tabs and start a new subject. Close all tabs and I've read all the slashdot stories for today. Rarely do I want to come back once I've finished reading so book marking isn't really the right model. I get it, it's not the way you want to work but it's efficient for me.

Comment An honest question (Score 2, Insightful) 72

I'm not trolling here. These are honest questions: I assume, since we're spending more money on a more advanced instrument, that we didn't find anything the first time around? Was that because the instrument likely wasn't sensitive enough or because they likely don't exist? If we didn't find them first time around, does that call into question some aspect of GR? I know GR is a theory that has been well proven, but if we don't find them this time around does that have significant implications?

Comment Re: Good excuse... (Score 1) 156

It is well established law that commercial speech has a lower bar to regulation than non commercial speech. We regulate what advertisers, food producers, credit and financial sellers (and many more) can and must print all the time. This is no different. More pointedly, they aren't saying you can't do exactly what they did, you just have to tell people you're doing it. How am I should I determine if I don't like a particular bad corporation and "turn it off" without some basic information about what it's doing? Freedom of speech and transparency aren't orthogonal.

Comment Re:To Fight Car Theft (Score 1) 258

If you're only going to use it for those 3 purpose I'm ok with it. Provided you *FIRST* pass a law stipulating that only those purposes are allowed, and providing strong *CRIMINAL* sanctions for violations *AND* if the council should change the law then all data must *FIRST* be wiped. Anything else and you're not really serious about your promise.

Comment Re:Ya, right (Score 2) 277

Not every state requires you to present an ID any time an officer asks you to. Providing it when not necessary is absolutely submissive and I'm not being an asshat for pointing that out and not doing it when asked. Police ask you all the time to do things you don't have to that put you in a worse position legally then if you hadn't. I don't blame them for that, but when I say no, I'm not being an asshat either.

Comment Re:Parents should be liable (Score 1) 254

If your argument is that it won't fix the problem (Disneyland) but it might persuade then you're not trying to be fair you're trying to be punitive towards people that don't do what you want. When their are so many other better arguments you'll have to forgive me if I completely ignore your suggestion if that's the argument you want to make for vaccines.

Comment Re:Pinto (Score 3, Informative) 247

Yes, but I live in the San Francisco Bay area and, were I to try to keep this minimum safe braking distance, I would end up a traffic hazard as I continually brake hard to reestablish my minimum safe braking distance to the idiot who has just switched into the lane in front of me since they can get ahead one car length.

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