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+ - Study Released: How Students Use Wikipedia-> 1 1

crazybilly writes: First Monday recently released a study about how college students actually use Wikipedia. Not surprisingly, they found, "Overall, college students use Wikipedia. But, they do so knowing its limitation. They use Wikipedia just as most of us do — because it is a quick way to get started and it has some, but not deep, credibility." The study offers some initial data to help settle the often heated controversy over Wikipedia's usefulness as a research tool and how it affects students research.
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+ - Piracy Can Be Good: in non-geek language->

crazybilly writes: "Explaining why piracy isn't bad for businesses can be difficult, especially when talking to nontechnical people. Globeandmail.com provides an article explaining not only why piracy isn't necessary bad for business buy how piracy has benefited buisnesses and artist (including Hollywood) in the past. Using historical examples, ranging from Daniel Defoe to the VCR, they make a strong case for why the RIAA and company ought to relax."
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+ - Open Souce Movement May Change Everything->

crazybilly writes: "Lifehack.org has an article about 'how the open movement will change everything'. After software, the article suggests schools, governement, and money among others.

From the article, "Now consider this: the open-source concept doesnt have to just apply to software. It can apply to anything in life, any area where information is currently in the hands of few instead of many, any area where a few people control the production and distribution and improvement of a product or service or entity.""

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+ - Linguistist Comments on Redefining 'Genuine'

crazybilly writes: "The Language Log, home blog for several professional linguists, posted a story a few days ago about how Microsoft is redefining the word "genuine," in an attempt to increase public sympathy with their anti-piracy efforts.

From the article: "I suspect that Microsoft is attempting to redefine "genuine" because it has had a hard time getting sympathy for its actual complaint, namely unlicensed distribution.""

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