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+ - Ask SIashdot: How to Write Legal Software? 4

Submitted by craznar
craznar (710808) writes "I am a professional software developer, currently writing some 'high-tech' point of sale software with some pretty unique features in it. The company I work for is a start up and doesn't have much in the way of financial resources.

Almost all of the code is my design, the over all structure is my design — but it uses a stack of novel approaches to problems that I worked out with customers over a period of a year or more.

This brings me to my primary concern — how many patents am I unknowingly breaking, how on earth can I possibly find out, and fundamentally is it at all possible to actually write software free of patent infringement any more.

For the moment, ignore the patent infringements in your purchased (and or open source) development libraries and development tools and focus the question just on the parts I have developed and written myself ?"

+ - Laptops With Matt Screens Becoming Rare-> 4

Submitted by craznar
craznar (710808) writes "I have focus issues with my eyes, one of the effects of this is that I cannot focus on a gloss screen. Having purchased laptops for myself yearly for around 15 years, I have been finding it more and more difficult to actually find a laptop I can even use.

Today I ring up HP/Compaq, Sony, Toshiba and review the Dell and ASUS web sites to find that there is almost no matt screens available any more. Toshiba do one model with matt screen (The Tecra), Dell seem to do one model as well (Vostro).

Am I doomed to a future without a laptop, as technology advances — my choices are being restricted by this desire to turn laptops into media centers.

So here is your challenge, find me laptops of any brand, operating system — with a matt screen, minimum 1280 horizontal resolution, minimum 1024 vertical resolution.

That has been my screen specification for around a decade..."

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+ - Whirlpool Founder Sued for User Submitted Posts->

Submitted by
craznar writes "Whirlpool founder Simon Wright is being sued by accounting software firm 2Clix Australia Pty Ltd for alleged "injurious falsehood".

Whirlpool is a privately run, very large broadband discussion forum in Australia — it attacts no advertising revenue and is entirely run from the pocket of a few dedicated individuals.

The founder (Simon Wright) is being sued for AU$150,000 + Costs for an article and subsequent thread posted by the user base.

Should a company be able to sue based upon opinion, posted on a public forum ?

Full story"

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+ - Is Microsoft Recalling All Windows XP ?

Submitted by
Reluctant Vista Owner
Reluctant Vista Owner writes "I just recently became the proud owner of a new Sony Vaio laptop, purchased from Harvey Norman in Australia (Harvey Norman is a large retail company throughout Australia).

I noticed that there is absolutely no laptops or computers for sale with Windows XP, and more to the point there is no longer any Windows XP for sale. So I reluctantly (as I needed a new laptop) went with Vista.

The big suprise came when I was talking to the computer sales manager, he told me that without warning a few weeks ago, Microsoft staff walk into the store and just take all the Windows XP stock back. The store wanted to keep them, as apparently half their sales have vanished (no suprise — alot of people don't want Vista).

Is this a widespread problem?

How long before I wont be able to buy Windows XP licences at all ?

What does the office do that needs Windows XP machines for at least 1-2 years to come (before we can migrate to Linux I hope) ?

Thanks in advance."

"Pull the trigger and you're garbage." -- Lady Blue