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Comment: Re:The Government Should NEVER EVER Be Rewarded (Score 1) 272

by craterbaiter (#25270103) Attached to: Gov't Database Errors Leading To Unconstitutional Searches?
Chasisaac, your focus may be a bit skewed, the Government is not necessarily the agency of wrongdoing in the majority of illegal searches. Though the 'gov' can and do use law enforcement to their own ends, the appropriate cut off point is to really hammer the police and prosecutors for lies and planted evidence, and let the facts stand whether the warrant is good or bad. The penalty for an unrighteous warrant should scale up from a firm financial penalty through to three strikes and job reallocation away from warrants â" including the judges and prosecutors. A bad or good warrant that discovers nothing does not naturally lead to an innocent person going to jail. And, what planted evidence in the OJ case? Seems to me that it was a shrunken leather glove and a well played race card that turned the biased jury. Not to worry though as it seems the arrogant murdering son of a bitch is about to get 25 to life anyway. BSBD

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