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Comment Re:"It get's worse?" (Score 1, Insightful) 500

In 2012 over 3,300 people died in accidents but that doesn't fit the left's narrative so it's ignored. If someone's killed with a knife the left will proclaim that's bad, a killing with a car will be met with the proclamation of "how horrible", but a killing where a gun is involved will end with the call to ban all guns. Doesn't make sense and it's due to a lack of understanding and fear of the unknown.

Comment Re:Oh the Irony..... (Score 1) 735

Mass shootings are most likely caused by either people who feel they have no other options or by people with some agenda. I tend to think the majority of shooting are due to the former. Banning guns only works if criminals follow laws which we know they don't simply due to them being criminals. So sick of all the "guns are bad" rhetoric...the problem are the people who use guns for evil. Ban cell phones and automobiles if you want to save lives but we all know Democrats don't care about lives (e.g. abortion).

Comment Re:Oh the Irony..... (Score -1, Troll) 735

...and the democrats want to "kill the very instrument that would be most effective in de-radicalizing people" which are firearms. Free speech is much more dangerous than the freedom to posses firearms. I'm not for banning anything, but we should block hate speech or any speech associated with known or suspected terrorists. Trump is a bit of a clown but he's saying what the people want to hear so what does that tell you...that people are sick of President Obama and his nut-less administration (unless they are attacking white males or Christians).

Comment Re:So wait..... (Score 1) 330

The US isn't perfect but tries to do what's good for her and Western civilization while the terrorists kill, maim, rape, torture, and otherwise make people's lives shorter and more horrific. Do not equate the US with terrorists (though I'm sure the responses below will try).

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