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Comment: Re:Whatever (Score 1, Offtopic) 529

by craigminah (#46494301) Attached to: Religion Is Good For Your Brain
I agree...but there are many in SlashDot who feel compelled to attack religion for whatever reason. I myself am religious but I also enjoy reading books on science, physics, economics, politics, etc. They are not mutually exclusive and I see the benefits of going to church, reading the Bible, or talking to other like-minded people. It's hope, it's the possibility that there's a grand plan, there's nothing wrong with that so long as you keep things in perspective.

Comment: Re:Boys and girls are different (Score 1) 489

by craigminah (#45931691) Attached to: Tech's Gender and Race Gap Starts In High School
...and the various races are different as well (didn't see that part). We all (as populations) are better or worse at certain things, although individuals of any race or gender can excel at anything. Again, we need to ensure everyone has the opportunity to excel...whether or not they do is up to them.

Comment: Boys and girls are different (Score 2) 489

by craigminah (#45931681) Attached to: Tech's Gender and Race Gap Starts In High School
Why do we all need to score the same or have the same fill rates in the various skilled jobs? Can't we all just agree that boys and girls are different and will excel at different things? Why does everything always have to be equal? So long as girls have opportunity to take science, math, etc. with no stigma then we've done our part.

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by craigminah (#45905865) Attached to: Security Expert: Yahoo's Email Encryption Needs Work
I've never trusted Google but used them until other options rose to a good enough level to move over to. I currently use Yahoo as their email client is really good and my job forces me to move every few years so I want to maintain the same email address. Google's email is basic but still very good and I think Microsoft's Hotmail has gotten much better so I use that as well.

BTW, I'm referring to each's webmail.

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