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Comment: Hypocrits (Score 1) 431

But not having any encryption by default kept the citizens lawful and the government acted lawlessly. I prefer this way where my personal information is a little safer form criminals and the government.

Really, the government's just mad they can't break the law and monitor us without a warrant.

Comment: Bring back lead-based paint. (Score 1) 290

by craigminah (#48859815) Attached to: Police Nation-Wide Use Wall-Penetrating Radars To Peer Into Homes
How much energy will the police need to transmit in order to penetrate a home and accurately see it's occupants? Are we all just to accept the fact we'll receive several lifetimes worth of x-ray radiation if the police suspect us of something?

I suspect the laws in the '70's banning lead paint was to prepare for this inevitable day.

Comment: Re:The Old is New again (Score 1) 150

MCI wasn't allowed (or didn't want to pay) to use the phone network that was laid in the ground so they installed microwave towers everywhere. I see high bandwidth lasers only being useful for military-like situations where you are either going to be somewhere for a short time or you need to control the transmission medium. Int he long-term, fiber has to be cheaper with much higher throughput than lasers.

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