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by craighansen (#48208757) Attached to: The Future of Stamps

Good thing no-one could hack or clone your toll transponder or clipper card, right?

For your proposal, how to do prevent someone from photocopying the "something on a letter or package which identifies me"? For my counterproposal, I suggested (above) that you scribble something unique and take a picture of it (uploading the picture using your account credentials as identification of the package), producing a one-time code that isn't allowed to be reused.

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by craighansen (#48199787) Attached to: The Future of Stamps

This is pure advertising for the design house. The concept is fanciful and relies on the wacky conceit that we all have packages sitting around the house that we'd like to mark with a personal identifier logo and send without even knowing where it's going to be sent, how much it'll cost to send it, when it'll get there. The design centers on this wooden laser device that is 0.000001% of the system, and I'll bet the vast majority of the work went into making the touchy-feely acoustic guitar paying videos that hype the concept, designed to emulate the advertising of some fruity computer company.

The use case shown in the video, a gift, completely ignores the fact that in order to acquire a gift, I'd have to buy it first, so wouldn't I just have the store send it to my friend? Shouldn't this in be a box that'll handle the rigors of shipment without being damaged, or is it just fine to leave a gift box that any shmoe on the street can open and paw through before my friend opens the now-empty gift box?

Pffffft. Isn't this already built into my phone? Why can't I just scribble something - anything onto a box, take a picture of it with my phone, and have the same effect without the stupid wooden laser thingy that I have to keep charged just in case I have the whim to send a gift to a friend? The answer is that this is a design firm that wants to design stupid little wooden laser thingies and is trying to sell you their services.

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by craighansen (#48182373) Attached to: Brain Patterns Give Clues To Why Some People Just Keep Gambling

That's close. Specifically, I recall another study that really gave me an 'aha' reaction: using PET scanning, scientists found that the response that problem gamblers had to a "Near Win" was virtually identical to their response to a "Win." The upshot is that problem gamblers react to the near wins as if they were a win - they end up thinking they're on a winning streak even when they're losing.

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open a dictionary, choose the 5th word in the middle column to have more than 6 letters.

Solved it for you man. Wosh, that was hard...

OK, so you're going to carry around a nice heavy dictionary, and once someone sees you open it to generate a password and drag your finger down the middle column, they're going to have a field day with your bank account.