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Comment Only safe if Cheaper to Keep'em than to Delete'em (Score 1) 229

Liability is limited to $50, so after you spend months transferring your files over your limited upstream bandwidth, they can delete your files for whatever reason, including that they just don't want to encourage people "misusing" their service in this way. You complain, they hand you $50, and they're done. Arguably, they can also do that for the Unlimited Everything service, so even if you pay, they can terminate service for anyone they're not making money with. Ultimately, your files are only as safely stored so long as its cheaper to keep 'em than to delete 'em. That's the free market golden rule.

Comment Re:Too bad science class drop outs banned incandes (Score 1) 338

No, California classifies any light with an Edison socket as low-efficiency, not matter what bulb you put in. They're banned in kitchens completely, and only allowable if you put in a dimmer switch that will damage some high-efficiency lights that would otherwise work in an Edison socket.

Comment Re:Banned? (Score 3, Interesting) 338

Depends on the state and/or country. Many states/countries banned incandescent bulbs. California almost did, until they were excoriated by environmentalists and economists, saying that only efficiency levels should be regulated.

No, California banned the Edison socket. More precisely, any light with an Edison socket is treated as low-efficiency lighting, presumably on the theory that someone could screw a low-efficiency light bulb in such a socket. It's really stupid to have done so, because now many people are stuck with lighting that only accepts compact fluorescent and the like, while those who have Edison sockets can easily upgrade to the latest and greatest LEDs. There's a loophole, as Edison-socketed lighting is permitted in rooms other than the kitchen, so long as a dimmer switch is in the circuit. This can be even worse, because many high-efficiency lights that fit in Edison sockets are damaged by poorly-designed dimmers.

Comment Re:The Intermittent Combustion Engine (Score 1) 496

That works fine for trains and boats, but here on roads we need to occasionally stop.

In cities we need to stop a lot, therefore the pollution from engines is worse. A steam or stirling engine isn't going to help much here when I need power right the heck now, not in five minutes when the engine heats up. Hybrid engines are more smooth on power use since you can divert energy into the batteries and get it back quick without taxing the gas engine. Even trains do this.

But in that case, you might as well go full electric and eliminate the heat engine entirely.

Steam can be stored and released as needed.

Comment Where do we draw the line? (Score 2) 162

In my view, it crosses the line when it infringes on your activity. If Facewatch gives you a warning that this person might deserve some scrutiny in case they shoplift, and store owners watch your behavior, but allow you to shop and act normally, that's behind the line. It crosses over the line when the reaction to a warning is to refuse to let you in the door, or escort you out upon entering, particularly when there is no recourse to correct the information.

Even now, businesses could use this kind of information to determine whether or not to offer you a bargain, a deal, a coupon relative to the marked price. For businesses like Safeway (US), that routinely offers price breaks on items that they know you buy or want you to start buying, incorporating Facewatch into the mix could lead toward price discrimination that would be very objectionable.

Submission + - Fight Over Rounded-Edge Rectangles Broadens to Cookies (

craighansen writes: In an echo of the long running dispute between Apple and Samsung over the shape known colloquially as "rectangular with rounded corners," Pepperidge Farm has sued Trader Joe's to retain their hard-won intellectual property rights in their uniquely shaped "Milano" cookie. While acknowledging that Joe's cookie is "more rectangular but had rounded edges," it's still "mimicking an overall oval shape" that they claim infringes their trademarks, (For Canadian readers, Pepperidge Farm markets this cookie as "Monaco" in Canada.)

That little bump on the side of the Milano — is it a camera lens?

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