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Comment WTF? (Score 1) 277

"a few of the disks were formatted in DOS, but most of them were from an older operating system called CP/M. CP/M, or Control Program for Microcomputers, was a popular operating system of the 1970s and early 1980s that ultimately lost out to Microsoft's DOS.

I must have gone to the wrong site. This can't be Slashdot.

Comment Re:Apologists unite! (Score 1) 65

So, if I'm actually firewalling-off my LAN from the Internet then I'm probably going to be fine? ie, I'm using the standard features of my consumer-grade broadband router to deny incoming connections from routing into my LAN? I've just assumed that all of the OSes on my network are vulnerable to something and I've taken steps to mitigate that. To do anything else would be asking for trouble. That same sort of consideration would apply to the "Internet of Things" and to appliances that are more special-purpose in nature too.

Add to that there's a risk taking updates on consumer devices because they frequently alter, reduce or break functionality. Think "Other O/S" or Cinavia on the PS3. Right now, my LG TV works great with my PS3 media player and wants an update. I've blocked it. Release notes don't tell all and Google's not very good at negative verification. SInce there's really no back out plan for most of these devices, I only update if I know it's needed for something I want.

Comment Re:birth dates and social security numbers (Score 1) 113

People should stop using birth dates and social security numbers for security or identification purposes. We should use smart cards and public keys for identification, both for government services and financial transactions.

Yes, but the only real practical way to do this is tie the key to biometric information such that when that private key or the signing authority get's compromised, you can get a new key by a) being alive and b) matching the biometric data. It should work at least until we can start duplicating people. Of course, if you tried to suggest such a thing in earnest, you'd be bombarded left and right by the civil libertarians and the religious wingnuts, government intrusion or mark of the beast , take your pick. Personally, I am the former and hare the idea although I know it's the only way.

Comment Re:Speed an issue (Score 1) 244

MySQL is simply easier to use and administer. Postgres has a sharper learning curve. This made MySQL the go-to for shared web hosting (back before you could have a VPS for pocket change) and so it's what everyone ended up using for anything web related.

That's true but it was also at the time much faster because it lacked support for most of the features expected in a modern relational foreign keys, triggers, procedural languages, and complex data types..It was more or less the programmer's job to manage consistency but it ran like greased lightning.. Many new to the web and programming for that fact embraced the simplicity you point out and the perceived advantage in speed because they didn't understand the need for the relative advance features Postgres provided, which today are even more numerous.

Comment Fail To Get It (Score 2) 600

The shot down the plane not even 1 km inside their border. A fighter jet would be flying casually at 600 Mph, around 900 feet per second or roughly 1 km every four seconds; yet,, the Turks were supposedly warning them for five minutes. And then they shoot them down for stepping an inch into their front lawn? Did they want to start a war or were they trying to protect. whomever Russia was after?

Comment Criminal Use of Market Speak and General Idiocy (Score 4, Funny) 123

Lance Weaver is the Chief Technology Officer for Cloud at GE Corporate. ... Lance holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Criminal Justice from Truman State University.

"This interconnection oriented architecture means we contract with colocation facilities where we can place our inspection tools and GE services into dense meeting areas of the multi-cloud environment. These are places where you find many cloud providers under one roof and we can place our services, inspection and data sets within them to obtain cloud agnostic, high speed adjacency."

"Another factor in making our journey to public cloud successful is our self-service (or what I call opt-in) approach, which allows business units to choose the services they wish to consume. People will naturally gravitate to high value, frictionless services"

"Running inside a public cloud environment, you're able to consume unlimited capacity as needed. Today, we scale up and down thousands of times in a day while we handle peak loads or run experiments."

Comment Re:Revenue != Profit (Score 1) 203

Amazon hasn't ever made a significant profit. What point am I trying to make? I have no idea but it's an important one!

The reason Amazon 'hasn't made a profit is because they've plowed it back into building a 21st century and beyond IT and logistics infrastructure to support their growth. That's fair competition. What bugs me is Amazon's use of software patents to stifle their competitors and I wonder how that will affect Wal-mart. as they try to play catch up. I am sure Amazon has done some unique stuff but a lot of what I've seen is obvious, at least if your looking to solve the problem. One-clcik is just a shining example of this.

Comment Not Cool But (Score 1) 557

Think about what it will sell for and how much you want to throw away. It is your house so it's worth paying something for comfort but just remember most of those cool toys have little or no resale value when you go to sell it. And remember the cost is usually greater than the estimate by a wide margin. Were it me again and yes I've been there, I'd sacrifice instead for things people want, like extra bathrooms and storage. If money's no object, well then let us know how it goes.

Comment Re:Doublethink (Score 2) 686

That's because the elderly suffered much more stringent brainwashing as children that leads them to say that they "support those who fight for our freedom" while also promoting a police state worse than Orwells worst nightmare. The younger crowd grew up with much more access to information and see the police state for what it is and do not have the blind worship of government that the elderly do.

What a crock. Ever since myspace came along, every millennial I know has been quick to jump on the next big tracking/social app that comes along. Many older but not "elderly" people won't do that precisely because they are concerned about being tracked. Aside from that, what Snowden did can't be simplified into right or wrong because some people object to the way he did it, e.g. running off to Russia instead of standing on his principles and others object to parts of what he did, such as releasing documents that could get innocent people killed. Nothing can be derived about how people feel about a police state based on their opinion of Snowden. A better measure would be the fact damn few people are protesting or doing anything else to try to stop it. In this regard, it is everyone's job; However, mass social protest has always worked best when young, college age people are involved as it was during the years of Vietnam. In that regard, they seem entirely missing from the scene.

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