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Comment: Re:Not 110,000, not by 2/28 as Cringely predicts. (Score 1) 331

by crackspackle (#48977153) Attached to: Massive Layoff Underway At IBM
Cringely just might be IBM's shill. After all, 50,000 wont look so bad now and you gotta love that they picked the name Project Chrome. It must be Google's fault! And ten years from now people might remember it that way. Guilt by association. They already call it "Getting Chromed" there.

Comment: Re:Solid research there (Score 1) 338

by crackspackle (#48461971) Attached to: LinkedIn Study: US Attracting Fewer Educated, Highly Skilled Migrants
I've been all over and worked overseas in several countries for extended periods and that has absolutely nothing to do with it. I am not arguing that the U.S. is better than other countries except in so much as it affords opportunities for both new immigrants and the old. If you know of a better country, please tell me.

Comment: Re:Solid research there (Score 1) 338

Yeah. Except for basically every other first-world country.

Name one country that exceeds the U.S.A. in all those categories? You can't can you? Canada may be closest but it really doesn't have anywhere near the same economic opportunities. Some country part of the Eurozone? Yeah, they've got all these wonder social safety nets that insure you won't go homeless but also insure it's practically impossible to change the socioeconomic status under which you were born because of all the taxes, rules and regulations that go with it.

"and really only one that also offers vast economic opportunities and the ability to change who you overnight."

Yes. For the good. And also for the bad.

No doubt you can go straight to your ass here if you want, but you'll notice that's mostly a complaint coming from third generation or older citizens who think they are supposed to be handed everything on a silver platter. New immigrants don't have this problem and are busy making money and building business while they complain.

Comment: Re:Solid research there (Score 1, Interesting) 338

Also, if you RTFS, they address that in their research bias section.

Yeah, they're using Linked-in for the data on people resumes, but if you also read the study, they have come up with some new category of “Employment-based migration” under the guise this provides as this givens a better idea of STEM transfers opposed to actual immigration, while completely ignoring things like Eurozone immigrations changes that made stuff like employment based migration possible on a large scale. At least their kind enough to point out the U.S. is still the top country for immigration, probably assuming we’ll all think they’re illegals.

The fact is, very few people leave the U.S. for jobs overseas and relatively few come here legally for jobs because it’s so damn difficult. That’s the reason these types numbers are low. I guarantee if we opened the borders for STEM grads only, we’d be overwhelmed. Many in the U.S.A fail to recognize the incredible gift they have living in this country but most outsiders would be happy to swap places with them. There’s really no place on earth as relatively free of the problems that dog all civilizations - crime, corruption, pollution, overpopulation, disease and really only one that also offers vast economic opportunities and the ability to change who you overnight.

+ - Aggression in male chimpanzees leads to mating success

Submitted by crackspackle
crackspackle (759472) writes "A new study from Arizona State University has shown for the first time a link between agression and reproductive success among chimpanzees, one of humanity's closest cousins, and may provide clues for dealing with sexual aggresion among humans. Although male aggression was not used to initiate sexual encounters, evidence shows the male agressors had a better chance of mating with females where these encounters occurred in the past and they were found to be more desirable among the remaining females. Although seven million years seperates us from our cousins, there may be something to the belief nice guys finish last."

Comment: Re:Dogs as compass (Score 1) 127

by crackspackle (#47948255) Attached to: 'Why Banana Skins Are Slippery' Wins IgNobel

I wonder what would happen if you don't allow a dog to align north-south.

I live in a 125 year old planned community, which means a bunch of square blocks all facing perfect north and the front of my house also faces north; Therefore, the street in front of me is most definitely east-west where I walk my dogs daily and they always poop in the direction I am walking. This study as opposed to my dogs is full of shit. It seems a much simpler answer than polarized pooping is that dogs, known to be mostly color blind, don't like the light of the sun in their eyes which could leave them vulnerable to attack. I like real science behind the silliness factor of igNoble and the Banana Peel Study has just that while also very useful toward the study of frictionless materials.

Comment: Re:Anti-competitive behavior is a big deal (Score 4, Insightful) 312

by crackspackle (#47808989) Attached to: Uber Now Blocked All Over Germany

Yes, attacking government revenue streams is not exactly anti competative though. But this is the world we live in. This is such a hard thing to explain to the layperson.

You realize are real costs involved Uber isn't paying? Taxis are commercial services and part of their fees are used to maintain roads and public facilities they use more heavily than private drivers. They are also required to provide equal access and maintain a certain percentage of handicap accessible vehicles available at all times. They also have to carry the proper insurance because if they skirted the law on this point, the rest of us would end up paying.

And that's about what's happening with Uber and Lyft. We will end up paying the costs they are ignoring. To make matters worse, those costs will be spread out over everyone even those most will never use these services. As it's a semi-elite market, that translate to those who can least afford it will subsidize cheaper rides for those who can and we'll all pay added tax dollars essentially straight into the pockets of Uber's founders. I can't blame Germany for being smart and making them follow the rules.

Comment: Re:Slashdot comments indicative of the problem (Score 1) 1262

You must ask yourself honestly : Why is it, when faced with stories like this, is your first instinct to claim that the woman lied or made it up?

Because they identify with her tormentors.

Slashdot can attract these sorts of freaks on its own, and they do this to every story. As for Anita Sarkeesian, I have to ask, who?

Comment: Re:Throw It Out (Score 1) 176

by crackspackle (#47342789) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Is It Feasible To Revive an Old Linux PC Setup?
My point is I've been there and done that. The between the lines problem is the paranoia about losing something you might want some day and the point of rebuilding systems like this is to see if you can delete it. It's fun once but beyond that a time blasting exercise when it would be better spent coming up with a preservation scheme so you don't end up with even more junk in the future.

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