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Comment: Re:Not ARM? (Score 1) 75

by cr0nj0b (#47914885) Attached to: SparkFun Works to Build the Edison Ecosystem (Video)

since there is no bios, I doubt this will take very long to boot at all. In fact boot time will mostly be determined by how many services you are starting at bootup. Yocto linux. I imagine most applications of this device will start ssh, maybe a web server, or an otherwise custom developed service for the specific application. The bootloader may have a few seconds delay to allow you to interrupt it and change params.

How long doe it take to load a kernel and initrd from flash, unpack and execute?

Comment: Re:Here's a nickel kid (Score 1) 413

by cr0nj0b (#45710707) Attached to: Exponential Algorithm In Windows Update Slowing XP Machines

Unfortunately MS-Access is (ab)used in so many other way. Data entry forms, reports, labels, etc. It is not about the database only stuff. Not every company has time to update all their legacy systems. Trends change, things come and go. If you were starting fresh today, you would make very different choices than 15 years ago.

Comment: Re:No Sympathy (Score 2) 413

by cr0nj0b (#45710655) Attached to: Exponential Algorithm In Windows Update Slowing XP Machines

Thank you for a reasonable sentiment. slashdot is driving me crazy.

The real world is messy. You can't always update everything. You understand this, but other do not.

I have to maintain a Frankenstein PC that interfaces to a multi-million dollar piece of manufacturing equipment. So backups of the hard drives, spare motherboards, CPUs, memory, IDE Hard drives, and other things. This computer is 8 years old, with an expected life of another 7. Yuck!
Thankfully its network connection goes to 1 thing and 1 thing only! The PLC. Am I worried about a virus? No. My concern is hardware failing. If someone plugged a malicious USB drive in, then the machine will just be restored to a known good point.

"It's ten o'clock... Do you know where your AI programs are?" -- Peter Oakley