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Unfortunately MS-Access is (ab)used in so many other way. Data entry forms, reports, labels, etc. It is not about the database only stuff. Not every company has time to update all their legacy systems. Trends change, things come and go. If you were starting fresh today, you would make very different choices than 15 years ago.

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Thank you for a reasonable sentiment. slashdot is driving me crazy.

The real world is messy. You can't always update everything. You understand this, but other do not.

I have to maintain a Frankenstein PC that interfaces to a multi-million dollar piece of manufacturing equipment. So backups of the hard drives, spare motherboards, CPUs, memory, IDE Hard drives, and other things. This computer is 8 years old, with an expected life of another 7. Yuck!
Thankfully its network connection goes to 1 thing and 1 thing only! The PLC. Am I worried about a virus? No. My concern is hardware failing. If someone plugged a malicious USB drive in, then the machine will just be restored to a known good point.

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I've done this with m0n0wall.
A computer with 2 network card. One network card plugs into your network. The other network card goes to your guest wireless AP.
In order to block access from the guest wifi to your internal network, you can put in a Firewall ACL to block access to your internal network.
For example, if your internal network is
Setup the second interface as (or take your pick). On that interface set a block Firewall rule for all traffic with a destination of The guest Wireless can still get to the internet, but not to anything on your internal network.

With either m0n0wall or pfsense, you can setup captive portal. This will block outgoing connections until the user registers or logs in.

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+ - Hitachi ships world's first 4TB hard drive->

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MrSeb writes "Hitachi, seemingly in defiance of the weather gods, has launched the world’s largest 3.5-inch hard drive: The monstrous 4TB Deskstar 5K. With a rotational speed of 5,900RPM, a 6Gbps SATA 3 interface, and the same 32MB of cache as its 2 and 3TB siblings, the 4TB model is basically the same beast — just with four platters instead of two or three. The list price is around $345 — not great, but definitely reasonable, given the current hard drive climate."
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An anonymous reader writes "I work with LightSquared and we would like to offer our EVP of Ecosystem Development and Satellite Business for a Q&A with the Slashdot community. Given the timeliness of the news, we would like to propose we immediately solicit questions and close by noon tomorrow. We will provide written responses by Wednesday morning.

Please let me know if this is a workable timeline and format. We hope to hear from you soon!

Patrick Kerley
(907) 317-3012"

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