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Comment: Re:Contract: No! (Score 2) 353

Incorporation provides no shield whatsoever, at least in the US. They can still sue you into bankruptcy.

What you want is to spell out in the contract that anything you provide is an "instrument of service" and that it cannot be distributed, modified, blah, blah, without your permission.

And yes, you need a contract for each and every single job you do, no matter how small. There's always the chance that you will have an insane client (like I did) who ran up nearly a million dollars in costs arguing with us, and then ended up paying a quarter of that, when we calculated the original remedy would cost $1,800. And yes, the client was insane, absolutely bonkers. And I had bought that job from another company that we purchased, and they did not have a strong enough contract, and the job was tiny, about $4,000.

Being incorporated does absolutely nothing for you to protect you from that.

Comment: Re:Hahah (Score 1) 246

Seriously? With a criminal record, he's unlikely to be able to get a full time, long-term job. So he will bounce from one short term job to the next, filling the gaps with unemployment.

Further, he's probably likely to commit more crimes, even if petty crimes like drug use, so he will cost you and me in police time, court time, jail time. And he's more likely to get busted for those petty crimes since he will be living in high-crime, high police areas; whereas a rich kid would not be busted for simple possession a poor kid with no job will be.

Then there's the predictable drain on social services, subsidized housing, and so on.

It is far, far cheaper to pay for this kid's college at an Ivy League school than it is to send him to jail.

That's the part that the "law and order" "lock 'em up and throw away the key" nutjobs fail to understand.

Comment: Re:Hahah (Score 4, Interesting) 246

So presumably you're willing to pay the $400,000 or so it will cost to keep him in jail "for several years" plus the inevitable public aid, unemployment benefits, food stamps, etc for the rest of his life?

Or would you rather pay a few thousand for counseling and public service monitoring?

Fuck your "lock 'em up" mindset. We already incarcerate more people in this country than any other civilized nation, and it serves no purpose whatsoever other than to fuck up peoples' lives and costs us, the taxpayers, millions of dollars.

But that's what we get when we make the justice system a for-profit operation.

Comment: Re:I agree with TFA (Zug) (Score 1) 628

by cptdondo (#49601621) Attached to: My High School CS Homework Is the Centerfold

Do you know why it's extremely difficult to get students interested in STEM?

My daughter is in 12th grade honors biology. Instead of labs they have "class activities" where they read out loud the "lab report" that had been prepared for them, and then - get this - then they get to color in a drawing showing the "experiment".

Contrast that with my science education. We made contact explosives and spread them out in the hallways. We put bits of sodium metal into other lab groups' sinks and laughed at the fireball. We used bunsen burners and gloriously burned things and had to evacuate until the stink went away.

All of these things are now forbidden in the name of safety and security and budget cuts.

That's why you can't get anyone interested in science. Because we have cut funding to the point where science education barely exists, where we no longer do "science" in high school.

That's why kids aren't interested in science. It's BORING.

Comment: Re:She has a point. (Score 3, Interesting) 628

by cptdondo (#49601567) Attached to: My High School CS Homework Is the Centerfold

Actually I agree with you. The picture is irrelevant. I'm not fighting for it. My whole point is that if each and every one of us goes out of our way to be offended by something, then nothing will get done.

I remember one of my profs introduced a guest speaker as a long-time personal friend of his, spoke of her professional and academic credentials at length, and mentioned in passing that she was the mother of 3 children and a wonderful cook and he enjoyed going to her house and talking to her over dinner.

One of my female classmates got incredibly offended by this, to the point that she wanted to file a formal complaint of sexism against the prof, for mentioning that his long time friend knew how to cook. This was particularly absurd in that this was an urban studies class where we talked at length about the social implications of modern cities, and being able to go to a friend's house for dinner had been discussed in the class.

There are people who simply look to be offended by something.

Comment: Re:She has a point. (Score 4, Insightful) 628

by cptdondo (#49600725) Attached to: My High School CS Homework Is the Centerfold

. But why go out of your way to offend people when it's really not necessary, and a complete distraction from what you're trying to do anyhow?

The problem with that is *something* is *always* offensive to someone. No matter what.

If I pick a male face it's offensive because I underrepresent women. If I pick a black face it's offensive because I'm a racist. If I pick an Asian female I'm sexualizing. If I pick a cute animal I'm promoting abuse. And so on and so forth.


If we have to limit our actions to what doesn't offend anyone at any time for any reason under any conceivable circumstances we can't ever do anything.

Comment: Re:I agree with TFA (Zug) (Score 5, Insightful) 628

by cptdondo (#49600687) Attached to: My High School CS Homework Is the Centerfold

I say this as someone with a daughter in STEM.

It's a portrait. A head shot. Not a Playboy pinup. Now if the centerfold was actually pinned up in the classroom I'd have some serious objections.

What would you rather use? The whole point was to use a human image instead of a test pattern.

If we've gotten to the point that refusing to use a face because the person is naked out of the shot we're so far down the rabbit hole it's ridiculous. With that theory, we can't ever use any picture of anyone in any circumstances because they're - GASP - naked under their clothes.

The only argument she has is that they were told to search for the image, which inevitably would result in them finding the naked image. The instructor should have given them that image along with a few others to use.

We're a sexual species. If we can't ever talk about sex while we preen ourselves to look good no wonder we're so screwed up.

Comment: Re:Becasue... the children! (Score 1) 190

by cptdondo (#49249891) Attached to: Powdered Alcohol Approved By Feds, Banned By States

True. Everclear, however, is illegal in many jurisdictions. it's hard to get anything more than about 100 proof. Then there are the handling issues and the waste - ethanol is flammable, and you have to pack out the bottle/plastic jug.

It would really be interesting to see this for real.

Comment: Re:Becasue... the children! (Score 3, Informative) 190

by cptdondo (#49248725) Attached to: Powdered Alcohol Approved By Feds, Banned By States

You don't backpack much, do you? Carrying a liter of alcohol in a backpack is a huge weight, no matter what condition you're in. The less weight you have, the more fun it is.

And yes, most of use use some sort of poowdered sports drink, often to hide the taste of the water we get from streams and lakes, even after filtering.

As a backpacker I really support this. There's nothing like sitting arond dinner at night, nad having a drink under the stars.

Comment: Re:Fuck the draft. (Score 1) 734

by cptdondo (#49195969) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Should I Let My Kids Become American Citizens?

Because, depending on the laws, signing up for the military in State X can be construed as treason in State Y, even if you have citizenship in both.

And if you become a POW, you may not be subject to the Geneva conventions, if your captors claim that you are a citizen of State Y and they're at war with State X.

It gets really, really complicated.

Comment: Re:Yes. What do you lose? But talk to lawyer first (Score 1) 734

by cptdondo (#49195879) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Should I Let My Kids Become American Citizens?

Actually the taxes are a big problem. I work in Canada, and as a US citizen, few banks want to do business with me because of the reporting requirements imposed on foreign banks by the IRS.

Also, if both countries have the draft, you could become a felon in one while serving in the military of the other. Lastly, if your kids do serve, then as dual citizens they could be construed as "enemy combatants" not subject to the Geneva convention.

renouncing your citizenship is very expensive as all taxes come due immediately - that means any capital gains are due in cash NOW. The total bill from the IRS can be tens of thousands of dollars.

Honestly, and I say this as a naturalized US citizen who went through hell and high water to get a US passport, if your kids have no plans to use their US citizenship, then don't do it.

Comment: Re:There might be hope for a decent adaptation (Score 1) 331

by cptdondo (#49183673) Attached to: 'The Moon Is a Harsh Mistress' Coming To the Big Screen

I don't disagree with you.

I suspect that the movie with its name of "Uprising" will focus mostly on space and moon-gravity battles, fantastic CGI, and drop the whole birth of a society theme. Instead of a drama it will be action, with Manny the one-armed wonder and Mike the ever-present computer.

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