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Comment: Re:Then don't sign the contract (Score 1) 168

by cptdondo (#48478983) Attached to: Behind Apple's Sapphire Screen Debacle

But GT signed up for this. When I had my small business, we turned down big contracts regularly. You can't have a single client be 90% of your business, because if anything glitches,you're out of business. We would never take on a job that was more than half of our annual revenues, and we only took on one job like that at a time, filling the rest of the calendar with smaller jobs.

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by cptdondo (#48181699) Attached to: No More Lee-Enfield: Canada's Rangers To Get a Tech Upgrade

Not really. These are backwoods weapons that see little to no maintenance. They don't get depot cleaning and parts aren't available. (Check out where and how the rangers operate).

I shoot bolt action rifles and after a while you need to strip the bolts and clean them. The Lee Enfields may not see that for years if ever, and they still have to shoot, since the Ranger's life probably depends on it.

So it's not "almost any brand" since few brands have that kind of reliability and track record.

it's going to be a hard decision.

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"Progressive" is newspeak for "regressive". There's no practical way to pull off a "progressive tax" on consumption, unless you charge everyone the highest tax rate and then refund it at the end of tax year. Still, the wealthiest would find ways to exempt themselves from the biggest hit; buy that yacht in Ireland instead of New England. Hey, overseas purchases are excluded, right?

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Except that consumption tax is usually designed to hit the poorest the hardest, and have little to no impact on the wealthiest. For example, sales tax is capped on cars in some states, others exclude yachts from sales tax, while many tax milk and bread. So someone who spends 50% of their hourly take home on food gets taxed on 50% of their income, but someone else who only spends 0.05% on food only gets taxed on that 0.05% of their income as many luxury items are excluded from consumption taxes.

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Oh fer crying out loud. What do you want, Obama personally doing body cavity searches at the border? If he did that people like you (or others) would be screaming about an "irresponsible Administration" destroying businesses or trampling on your rights or whatever.

You CAN'T quarantine this. Those people are coming through Amsterdam or Frankfurt or Paris or London. Are you going to close all the borders?

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Or bump the voltage in the cable up. If you charge at 4KV instead of 400V, you keep the current the same. Then you step down the voltage in the charger. It keeps the size of the cable the same.

It can be done. It's done every day, with 120VAC chargers being used to charge 12VDC batteries, just on a much, much bigger scale.

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The problem with "bright" and "bored" is that in the real world, you have to do a lot of "bored" to get stuff done. If all you want is "bright" then you're pretty much a primma donna who will sluff off the boring work to the detriment of the team. Better start that company and make millions being "bright" and avoiding the "bored".

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