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Comment: Sour grapes by Greenwald (Score 1) 307

by cprincipe (#36774816) Attached to: Wired Releases Full Manning/Lamo Chat Logs

Greenwald, as a former lawyer, thinks that journalism is the same thing as "discovery" and is angry that Wired didn't share the chat logs they sourced with him so he could continue his rabid defense of Manning and Wikileaks. He has been attacking Wired and Poulsen ever since.

I know it's trendy on the interwebs to be all pro-Wikileaks and pro-Anonymous, but people really should be a little more critical in their reading.

Comment: Re:Users (Score 1) 76

by cprincipe (#34629082) Attached to: Memo Details Gawker Security Strategy

Except for the fact that many of the other sites/services for which I use my email address have gone into the leaked torrent, found my email address, and locked my account and forced me to change my password, even though I haven't used the same password amongst the sites. I've spent the last week getting locked out of various places and having to come up with all new passwords

XBox (Games)

Anatomy of an Achievement 157

Posted by Soulskill
from the you-don't-get-an-achievement-for-commenting-on-this-one dept.
Whether they annoy you or fulfill your nerdy collection habit, achievements have spread across the gaming landscape and are here to stay. The Xbox Engineering blog recently posted a glimpse into the creation of the Xbox 360 achievement system, discussing how achievements work at a software level, and even showing a brief snippet of code. They also mention some of the decisions they struggled with while creating them: "We are proud of the consistency you find across all games. You have one friends list, every game supports voice chat, etc. But we also like to give game designers room to come up with new and interesting ways to entertain. That trade-off was at the heart of the original decision we made to not give any indication that a new achievement had been awarded. Some people argued that gamers wouldn't want toast popping up in the heat of battle and that game designers would want to use their own visual style to present achievements. Others argued for consistency and for reducing the work required of game developers. In the end we added the notification popup and its happy beep, which turned out to be the right decision, but for a long time it was anything but obvious."

Comment: Of course Slashdot is going to support Childs.... (Score 2, Insightful) 537

by cprincipe (#32043670) Attached to: Juror Explains Guilty Vote In Terry Childs Case

The only thing that Slashdotters need to remember is the next time they pile on *any* other group for being self-serving and close minded (Republicans, Environmentalists, Christians, Vegans, Wall-Street-types, what have you), remember how Slashdot overwhelmingly supported Childs, regardless of the evidence of his hubris.

Comment: Re:Ulysses is hard work but brilliant (Score 1) 150

by cprincipe (#29592769) Attached to: Professor Wins $240K In Fair Use Dispute

People read at a variety of levels for a variety of reasons. Just because one person doesn't enjoy Joyce doesn't mean that there isn't another person who enjoys the challenge of wading through dense material. If someone doesn't enjoy using Linux, does that invalidate Linux as a useful operating system?

Comment: Re:Not happening to me (Score 3, Insightful) 527

by cprincipe (#28270899) Attached to: Comcast Intercepts and Redirects Port 53 Traffic

This is retarded.

I point my router's DNS to and everything works great. If I type a BS domain I get the OpenDNS search page.

One idiot's Wordpress blog is enough to make it to the front page? I mean, I think Comcast is the devil incarnate, but there are plenty of legitimate reasons to hate them without making up BS stories.

Comment: Re:Holy Crap! Calm down (Score 1) 1092

by cprincipe (#28181317) Attached to: Making a Child Locating System
Unless your daughter has special needs where if she got off the bus in a different location and wouldn't be able to communicate with responsible adults, I'd recommend taking a chill pill and going over to the Free Range Kids blog and realize that your job is to raise an adult, not a child. When I was in first grade I was riding city buses in the 70's in the midst of crime that's probably ten times worse than today's climate. Get a grip.

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