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Comment: Re:I don't see why not. (Score 1) 470 470

by cpricejones (#42807757) Attached to: Is the Era of Groundbreaking Science Over?
I think it's important to note that Einstein contributed to many other findings aside from relativity. Great scientists typically have their hands in many other things even though the public (or the Nobel prize committee) may recognize them primarily for a single set of findings.

Comment: Re:cue jokes about RieserFS (Score 1) 1719 1719

by cpricejones (#42322645) Attached to: Adam Lanza Destroyed His Computer Before Rampage
There is an article in slate written by a parent of a child with Asperger's (now autism) expressing the same sentiments that the condition has nothing to do with the motivation for shooting. ( )

Comment: Re:Yah (Score 1) 340 340

by cpricejones (#40945667) Attached to: Blizzard Says Battle.Net Has Been Hacked
I doubt there are that many people like you who would really not play because of DRM (i.e., many people don't even know what the big deal is). In my mind, many of these people who profess to be anti-DRM would have downloaded a hacked or cracked version of game. I could be cynical, but I can understand why the companies want to protect their games even if the method is BS.

In any case, it seems like more people would skip these two games in favor the free-to-play League of Legends, which appears to be eclipsing both in terms of no. of players. Different game type of course ... but not to burst any bubbles, SC2 SCBW and Diablo 3 D2

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