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Comment: I think people are really missing the point (Score 1) 390

by cp5i6 (#47485489) Attached to: Verizon's Accidental Mea Culpa

Netflix already pays verizon for DIRECT connection to its customers Netflix did not pay verizon for its interconnect via Level3.
Verizon is basicaly saying that Netflix routes alot of traffic through Level3 (probably because they're cheaper) instead of via their direct verizon line.
Level 3 is saying that the pipe between Verizon backbone and L3 backbone is where the bandwidth gets clogged.
take out verizon and insert (I'm fairly positive) every single US ISP, and I'm pretty sure you'll hear teh exact same story. L3 will probably blame all the ISPs for their lack of bandwidth interconnecting them. And all the other US isps will say, they're not the issue because their internal networks aren't close to full saturation.
So the real question at hand is, who really should pay for upgrading the capacity between the tier 1 interconnects.
Sounds like there was a handshake agreement between the companies originally. This handshake probably didn't include a late comer like level3.

I would argue that if l3 approached these companies and said, we'll install the cards AND maintain these connections on L3's bill, everything will get resolved.

Ie. L3 is pretty much saying, sure we're tryign to compete with you big ISPs, and we're gaining customers to your detriment on the Inet tier1 space, but we can't seem to maintain our client base if you guys at the last mile/end point don't increase your bandwidth with us.

The 6 other major ISPs are saying to the content providers, why bother using L3, sign up with our own t1 bandwidth and we can provide to your customers directly a great service.

Comment: Re:I was born in the wrong era... (Score 1) 163

by cp5i6 (#43899077) Attached to: Managing an Elite eSport Team
You are clearly mistaken

and has been proven that it is entirely possible with today's technology to walk down near every path of a chess game. "Thinking" in this case is merely a parlor trick of computation power of decision trees.

As OP posted, if a computer can play a proper game of Go against an expert, then i'd be impressed.

But until then, his comment is pretty spot on.

Comment: Re:Sounds reasonable to me. (Score 1) 573

by cp5i6 (#43815583) Attached to: FiOS User Finds Limit of 'Unlimited' Data Plan: 77 TB/Month
Verizon doens't say unlimited

the better analogy is that a rope company wants to rent out various different load rated ropes.

you decide to rent the rope with the heaviest rated load.

you tell the rope company that you need one 3 miles long because you wanted to lasso a satellite in space from your home on earth.

The company is then in it's right to say "No we don't offer such long rope" or "Use the smaller rope to do something else" and in this case the rope company actually does have a 3mile long rope, but they say as part of their terms of service you have to be a business customer to use it.

Comment: Re:Don't know where they're coming from... (Score 1) 569

by cp5i6 (#43096027) Attached to: SimCity 5: How Not To Design a Single Player Game
What server you on?

I finally was able to play when i logged onto the Europe EU server, however for the first 25 minutes of the gme itw as stuck in the tutorial and I couldn't leave.

Got booted and got server buy so couldn't get back in. Finally got back in againa nd played 10 mionutes before the server killed my connection. so that was a frustratiing waste of 60%

Comment: Re:Maybe try playing the game (Score 1) 569

by cp5i6 (#43095981) Attached to: SimCity 5: How Not To Design a Single Player Game
If you two are playing separately isn't that just single player mode and not required of an always on server?

if you're playing at separate times it's not like you acutally really care about what he does. Perfectly easily to parameterize your city so twhen you two go back online again, the server can take the paramteres and updates the server's version of the city

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