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Comment: Re:Thank the Republicans and the TEA Party (Score 1) 614

by cozzbp (#37196798) Attached to: More Schools Go To 4-Day Week To Cut Costs
Seriously? What the tea party really wants, is to reduce government spending to levels that actually fucking make sense. I personally consider myself a libertarian, because the name "Tea Partier" has Sarah Palin written all over it (and we all know what a dumbass she is).

As a country, we are living outside of our means. I personally know several people on welfare and food stamps that I HAVE OFFERED JOBS TO, but refuse because they would lose their government benefits. I know a few people who truly need government assistance, but the vast majority do not. The simple fact of the matter is that more and more people have the "entitlement" mentality, that the country owes them something for free, which is frankly bullshit.

As a small business owner, obamacare is possibly the worst incentive to growth. Guess what happens if I go over 50 employees by 2014 and don't provide healthcare to my employees? I lay people off until I have less than 50, because frankly I can't afford to pay their health care, as I can barely afford mine.

What honestly needs to happen to make this country work again, is to have the government GTFO of the way of growth. Business and jobs are moving overseas to places with less regulation for a reason.

Please, get fucking real.

Comment: Re:Wall Street (Score 0) 791

by cozzbp (#36939412) Attached to: How and Why Wall Street Programmers Earn Top Salaries

To repeat a point - anyone who takes a job on Wall Street right out of college is a fool. They recruit heavily on campuses for the same reason Microsoft and Intel and Electronic Arts do: so they can take advantage of suckers with no work experience who don't know any better. Thankfully I didn't make this mistake. I was able to put everything I saw there into perspective. Going from college straight to Wall Street as a programmer is a dumb move for most people.

I am going to be graduating with my degree in Computer Engineering in about a year, and I was seriously considering Microsoft (I hear they treat employees really well). If you see this as a mistake, would you mind going into detail about what YOU would do coming right into the job market if you could do it over again? Thank you.

Comment: Re:Rewrite the Constitution or face default! (Score 1) 1042

by cozzbp (#36900896) Attached to: House Websites Jammed After Obama Debt Speech

How, precisely, does firing a bunch of people lower unemployment? Doesn't it, in fact, RAISE unemployment?

Well if you are a dumbshit, then yes. It's unbelievable how you really fail to see the issue here. Our country has a debt that is unsustainable, and is rising. If we don't fire anyone now, get rid of all the bloated shit in our government, and actually be frugal in our federal spending, then no one has a job, because who wants to work for a piece of shit paper that's worthless? We just need to cut back on federal spending, impose tarrifs on imports if necessary, and let our economy get going again.

Comment: Re:Campaign Promises (Score 0) 1042

by cozzbp (#36896580) Attached to: House Websites Jammed After Obama Debt Speech
I entirely agree. I consider myself very libertarian and honestly I believe that the Tea Party movement is breaking the chokehold the bipartisan system has on the US. Long-time politicians realize this, and many of the douchebags of the Republican party are trying to align themselves with the Tea Party in the interest of their own survival. Most people agree that the federal government is WAY too big, and too powerful. But when honest to god change is possible, the big political media machines (Fox & MSNBC) paint those people as crazy. People don't like to think. People just like to say, "Oh I'm a Rep/Dem and I believe in everything my party does, despite the fact that all I see in both parties are power hungry fascist assholes". The two party system exists to offer the illusion of choice. Given the fact that the two candidates chosen to run the country in the 2008 election were fucking Obama and McCain, I really have no hope for our country.

Comment: Re:games (Score 1) 1042

by cozzbp (#36895740) Attached to: House Websites Jammed After Obama Debt Speech
You seem to have missed the part where Obama hasn't made any effort to pull the troops out of the middle east, and is starting up more bullshit we don't need in Libya. He also extended the Bush tax cuts.... I really don't understand why you dumbasses can't realize that the Republicrats don't give two shits about you.

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