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+ - ComputerWorld suggests MS embrace cannibalization->

Submitted by coyote_oww
coyote_oww (749758) writes "ComputerWorld analysis article suggests that MS should stop worrying about one product cutting into another product's sales, and concentrate on putting their best foot foward regardless of the impact on product lines. And the big impact would be the price of Windows: "... suggesting that Microsoft must... sell devices based on lower prices. And the only significant component ...that can be cut the Windows license." It's wordy, the ... covers lots of tech-reader unnecessary verbiage. Still possible they could sell Windows version at different rates for different devices, but that could get hard to justify to consumers over the long haul."
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+ - Ad grabs attention by being _under_ everything...->

Submitted by
coyote_oww writes "Checking the SF Chronicle's website this morning, I was suprised by their new background. Suprised enough to actually look at it and figure out what was going on. What's going on is that one of the ads on their front page involves someone surfing on a wave, and they used the rest of the wave picture _underneath_ the main webpage. It rather striking. If this is the future of "how to get peoples attention" I like it, it's relatively unobtrusive (no flashing, screen grabbing, or popping up), rather pleasant to look at, and actually got my attention. Except I still have no clue what they were actually advertising..."
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+ - Arrest from facial recognition software->

Submitted by
coyote_oww writes "Nevada DMV detected a guy trying to use his dead brother's name for new documentation. The article mentions this is the third time this has happened already. I hadn't realized that they were doing comparisons on everything that comes in — though I personally think this is a good thing. It makes me wonder though about how it works. They have a new photo but what do they compare against? Past license issues? Police mugshots? And I thought the state of the art at this point would still produce too many false positives to be useful."
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