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Comment: Re:When does the willfully ignorant racism stop? (Score 1) 419

by cowwoc2001 (#47978509) Attached to: US Strikes ISIL Targets In Syria

You forget that the only reason there are Arabs in the Middle East is because they invaded and massacred everyone else en-mass. How is *that* not imperialistic?

The Arabs of the Middle-East have no more claim to the land than anyone else. They are no less imperialistic than anyone else. The people living in Egypt are not really Egyptians. The real Egyptians (copts) are actively persecuted by the ruling Arabs. The same is true is virtually all other Middle-East countries.

Comment: Re:When does the willfully ignorant racism stop? (Score 2) 419

by cowwoc2001 (#47977103) Attached to: US Strikes ISIL Targets In Syria

At what point do Middle-Eastern people begin to take some responsibility for their own problems?

I see the answer to my question is "not any time soon". The people in the Middle East would like nothing more than to be left alone, but western powers have been actively fucking with them for over a hundred years.

How, exactly, is your average shmoe living in Yemen or Saudi Arabia supposed to "take responsibility" in the face of drone attacks and western support for brutal dictatorships?

Okay, no problem. It's all our fault. Sorry for our ignorant imperialist way. Sheesh.

Hint: There were no drone attacks in Syria nor US support for the rebels when Assad's own people tried to rebel against him and he proceeded to gas them. When we attempted to help them, you labeled us "imperialistic pigs". So you know what? Damned if we do. Damned if we don't.

The Syrian rebellion is not one cohesive group. You can hardly fault us for trying to help the original group only to have some of the arms fall into the harms of an extremist group that overpowered them.

What's the alternative, Sudan? Where millions of people get raped, the world cries injustice and nothing gets done because we don't want to interfere? Please. Give me a break.

No matter what the West does or does not do someone somewhere will find a way to blame us. They just shove it and take personal responsibility for what *is* their fault. Drone attacks might not be their fault, but flocking en-mass to Islamic extremist groups is. They are doing this all over the Middle-East with or without West intervention.

Comment: Re:When does the willfully ignorant racism stop? (Score 1) 419

by cowwoc2001 (#47976789) Attached to: US Strikes ISIL Targets In Syria

At what point do Middle-Eastern people begin to take some responsibility for their own problems? There is plenty of introspection going on in the West. There is none going on in the Middle-East. You'd have us believe that everything that is going wrong with those countries has to do with the West. I very much doubt that. I daresay a good part of their problems have to do with their own decisions.

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You're right. All those anti-abortion and anti-science bills are out of control... Oh wait. What bills?

You can't fault the PM for holding personal beliefs that you might not like. So long as he does a good job (and he has) and does use his position of power to push those beliefs on others (he hasn't) you have nothing to complain about.

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You're the one trying to make it about religion instead of looking for the truth. Maybe those tens of thousands protesting attacks by the West have a good reason for protesting. Maybe, just maybe, the West is just a bit meddlesome. You know, the White Man's Burden and all that bollocks?

Are you honestly trying to justify the use of terrorism against civilians, and protesters who support them?

I don't care how many terrorists and their supporters we bomb back to hell. Sitting on our hands sure as heck won't make them go away. Spain tried appeasement and they *still* got hit in the 2004 Madrid bombings.

I don't care how many terrorism supporters make noise in the street. Their opinion is worth exactly zero to me. We should do our best to limit innocent deaths and listen to the opinion of moderates, but the kind of protests we saw all across Europe (where tens of thousands of Muslim thugs prowled the streets, vandalized stores and attacked Jews/Christians) is totally unacceptable. They deserve to have all their bones broken and get deported back to the Middle East and Northern Africa.

Moderates support moderate values. They do not fly Hezbollah, Hamas, ISIS flags in their protests. They do not chant deaths to the Jews and America.

Wake me up when any of these protestors support Gay and Women rights.

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At what point will the political-correctness stop?

Either there is a not-so-small extremist element in Islam, or a silent majority who refuses to do anything about it.

What kind of a message are we supposed to get when tens of thousands protest in the streets when the West attacks their extremists but barely a handful Muslim protesters after each time Islamic terrorists kill innocents?

If their moderates truly outnumber their extremists 10:1 we should expect to see 10x more protesters after each terrorist attack. They have both the capability and numbers to crack down on their extremists, but they do not. Their silence is deafening.

Comment: Re:Failure tolerance is a mortal sin (Score 2) 101

by cowwoc2001 (#47957707) Attached to: 'Reactive' Development Turns 2.0

Take a look at Jetty. Running out of memory is still a problem where "all bets are off" [1] but being overloaded is not. Incoming requests are queued. If there are too many requests, they are rejected (HTTP 503). The server is very solid and much lighter than other JavaEE implementations (runs like a library instead of a container).

[1] But this is mostly under your control. You shouldn't allow unbounded allocations or unvalidated user requests.

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It has not occurred to you that the hate directed towards Israel is a natural result of the actions the Israeli government has taken over the years? The wholesale slaughter, indeed genocide, of the Palestinian people? The high seas piracy they commit frequently with without consequence? The assassinations, the hit jobs, theft of land, war crimes, etc etc.

Don't create your anti-free speech stance entirely on your pro-Israel anti-Islam bigoted belief.

Not when most of the grievances are found to be factually incorrect (videos of deaths from Syria passed off as Jews killing Palestinians) and when "high sea piracy" is actually Israel intercepting ships from Iran to Gaza full of weapons.

Israel has made mistakes, like any other country has, but nothing that would justify terrorism against its civilians. Most of the animosity against it is based on false propaganda.

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