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+ - SSD vs. HDD Benchmarks for the Relational Database->

Submitted by VValdo
VValdo (10446) writes "When it comes to SSD performance, it seems most people focus on how fast Windows 7 boots up or how quickly Photoshop loads. That's all well and good, but how do SSDs compare with traditional hard drives in a server application like Postgresql? Here's someone who did actual benchmarks, and the results were fairly dramatic."
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Comment: The 'unlocked' price was too high... (Score 1) 196

by cowmix (#32222300) Attached to: Google Stops Selling Its Own Phone

I have to imagine that if the unlocked price was below $400 (or even the price of a locked phone) it would of sold like hot cakes but unfortunately I think Google had too many external pressures to that prevented them from pricing it accordingly.

Instead, Google *flooded* the net with ads for the N1 hoping their marketing muscle would overcome all other obstacles.


+ - The definitive evisceration of The Phantom Menace.-> 4

Submitted by
cowmix writes "When TPM came out ten years ago, its utter crappiness shocked me to the core and wounded a entire generation of geeks. My inner child had been abused and betrayed. I moped around, talking to no one, for almost two weeks. I couldn't bring myself to see #2 or #3, whatever they were called. Now, a decade later, comes "Star Wars: The Phantom Menace Review" the ultimate seven part, seventy minute analysis of this mother of all train wrecks. Not only does it nail how the film blows, but tells us why. Time, apparently, does not heal all wounds."
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Comment: I call BS on the whole thing... (Score 1) 193

by cowmix (#29344311) Attached to: How Hollywood Tie-Ins Saved Lego

The movie tie-ins are pure genius and uniquely Lego.. They have a good sense of humor and the new Lego sets are fun. As a 35 year Lego guy, it find the new stuff simply awesome.

The irony is that the Star Wars Lego sets are MORE Lego like than their 'original' sets they put out now. The piece on the Star Wars sets are more interchangeable while their "Mars" series has these HUGE molded pieces that can not really be used outside of the ship you are 'supposed' to build.

However, if you want to find something that sucks the soul out of Lego.. look no further than Bionicle.

Comment: Re:Krugman's prognostication skills aren't all tha (Score 1, Interesting) 127

by cowmix (#29019709) Attached to: Charlie Stross, Paul Krugman Discuss the Future

Yes, it couldn't have been the artificially low interest rates, which means they are increasing the monetary supply much more than they should, which caused the housing bubble (not to mention the NASDAQ bubble), its that darn "deregulation," which of course means different regulations and happened over the course of 3 decades.

Of course, Krugman actually advocated created a housing bubble in 2002.

Krugman is just an organ for the Federal Reserve and the state.

I just reread that post and I don't understand how in that op-ed piece Krugman advocated creating the housing bubble.

Can you explain this to me?


Portables (Apple)

+ - Ipod's success baffles Sony Japan->

Submitted by
An anonymous reader writes "Sony, large, powerful and technological wizards cant work out why apples ipod is so popular? Duh These quotes from a recent article here in Japan explain why Sony is baffled. "We researched the iPod and fixed what [we considered] was difficult to use about it," said Takashi Kinouchi, head of Sony's product planning department". "it is not easy to lure customers used to Apple's software over to Sony products". Source: Sony trying to bite into Apple's iPod market share, Shigeki Kurokawa / Yomiuri Shimbun Staff Writer, November 5, 2007. Daily Yomiuri"
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+ - Digital mutiny: 2,000 page iraq leak->

Submitted by Anonymous Coward
An anonymous reader writes "Looks like them wikileaks guys are finally putting something out there.

from the site:

This spectacular 2,000 page US military leak consists of the names, group structure and equipment registers of all units in Iraq with US army equipment . It exposes secretive document exploitation centers, detainee operations, elements of the State Department, Air Force, Navy and Marines units, the Iraqi police and coalition forces from Poland, Denmark, Ukraine, Latvia, Slovakia, Romania, Armenia, Kazakhstan and El Salvador. The material represents nearly the entire order of battle for US forces in Iraq and is the first public revelation of many of the military units described. Among other matters it shows that the United States has violated the Chemical Weapons Convention."

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The Matrix

+ - Documentary claims to find Jesus' tomb

Submitted by
w1z4rd writes "The Associated Press reports, ""The Lost Tomb of Jesus" ends on a portentous if melodramatic note.

By this point, the sought-after tomb had been located, entered and confirmed as the possible earthly resting place for Jesus Christ and his family. But within hours, authorities demanded that its cave-like entrance — on the grounds of a Jerusalem apartment complex built over it a quarter-century ago — be resealed.

A welder's torch flares in the night as the narrator intones, "The tomb that arguably once held the remains of Mary, the mother of Jesus; Matthew, from Mary's family line; Yose and James, the brothers of Jesus; Mary Magdalene; her husband, Jesus; and Judah, their son, is sealed up again.""

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