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Comment twnety year old civic gets 57mpg (Score 5, Interesting) 1186 1186

I understand that safety is now a major concern and safety drags down mileage. But the numbers are not far fetched.

from the article

"The CRX HF got an Environmental Protection Agency-estimated 57 mpg gallon in highway driving. Today, the most fuel-efficient non-hybrid Civic you can buy gets an EPA-estimated 34 mpg on the highway. Even today's Honda Civic Hybrid can't match it, achieving EPA-estimated highway mileage of just 45 mpg. The Toyota Prius, today's fuel mileage champ, gets 46 mpg on the highway."

Comment Re:Life savings? (Score 3, Insightful) 902 902

As some earlier posters have pointed out, this is a good opportunity for couples to diagnose and remove genetic diseases. Many families have known genetic ailments they would like eradicated.

Hair colour and eye colour are often advantages/disadvantages in life. Shallow or not im sure most parents will simply do whats best for baby.

Comment Re:That's it? (Score 1) 594 594

If you examine the pictures closely you can see the wheel pods have space all around the suspension arms. This indicates the car steers in the usual manner. The 3rd arm (black in the picture) is probably the tie rod*.
The single back wheel i am guessing will be to remove drag. one less wheel reduces 25% of the tyre resistance.

*it may even be a combined tie rod and drive axle.

Comment Re:money-making opportunity (Score 1) 504 504

and the real world version

1. go to radio shack/fry's/wherever to get your satellite broadband hook-up equipment. It doesn't matter if the equipment costs you $5000
2.Set up Internet access in your cabin
3.Wonder why its not working
3.Spend time trying to resolve issue
4.Organise to change Cabins
5.Spend more time trying to resolve issue
6.Realize you have spent first 10 days at sea in your cabin fiddling with cables and software settings.
7. Write in paper based log at sea "no girls yet"
8. Give up
9. Loss

You're welcome

Comment Re:ummm, no. (Score 1) 575 575

Ispecting the damage that is caused to a vehicle is not how safety works.

Let me give you an example. If you crash a 30 tonne tank into a 2 foot oak tree at 30mph the tank will get a small dent and the tree will also get a small dent. The occupants of the tank on the other hand will be splattered inside the tank (i got this from another slashdotter, great examplt though). Cars are dsigned to deform, this disapates the energy that kills people. SUVs dont deform, so provided you dont hit anything that weighs close to your SUV (lampost, median-barrier - truck - line of parked cars - buildings - other SUVS) you *should* be ok. When a vehicle deforms easily everwhere except the passenger cell, people live. When a vehicle doesnt deform (1950's era cars, SUVs) people die. simple!

and you guys seem to have a lot of accidents, maybe you should drive vehcles that avoid accidents. Turn them into a "that was a close call, we nearly hit that guy" vs a "Yeah we are alright thanks to our SUV, the other guy though is in critcal care"..

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