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Comment: Peopleware (Score 1) 156 156

Open floor plans have nothing to do with improving innovation or creativity. That's just what they tell people.

The real reason is the realest of all reasons: cost savings.

In the 90s software companies offered everyone "their own office". It was a source of pride for them (I've never worked any other way).
There was also research that supported it. A famous book was Tom DeMarco's "Peopleware" that stated that companies with private offices had programmers that were 5-10x more productive. (This book also started the "rock star" idea that some programmers are 10x more productive.. but people have forgotten that the central conclusion was that PRIVATE OFFICES were a key piece of this equation)

Then these companies come along in the post-dotCom era and say that productivity will be better with smaller offices. They simply are making things up to make the MBAs happy.

Comment: Re:I call shenanigans... (Score 3, Funny) 446 446

"Coding jobs can be easily outsourced to wherever the going rate for labor is cheapest. Google's "coder shortage" seems completely imaginary. They're an advertising company whose greatest trick was convincing the world they are a software company."

Wouldn't it be interesting if Google was really just a front for the NSA?

They did it in Argo.. why not make a company with irresistible tech that makes everyone give the company their secrets. Sounds easier to do then breaking cryptographic codes all day.

Comment: Re:Well, I guess I've got to watch it now. (Score -1, Troll) 356 356

"Most of the people in India agree with him, including women."

Get off your high horse dude.
The US has its own rape culture. Its called "fraternities" that promote misogyny and even rape quite effectively.

Rape is an old problem which some cultures struggle with more than others.. but don't pretend that it is only an "India" problem. Have you seen those blue lights in college campuses lately? (Hint: its to protect the women from US-home-grown rapists!)

We were so poor that we thought new clothes meant someone had died.