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by cowdung (#48408089) Attached to: Do Good Programmers Need Agents?

Majority of the companies are your "cheaskate" organizations.... Unfortunately, management will fight till the bitter end to keep the status quo and as a result the good software developers will remain a specie on the brink of extinction.

Sounds like you're working in the wrong industry. Go work for a Software company.. they appreciate a good engineer.

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by cowdung (#48309357) Attached to: The Great IT Hiring He-Said / She-Said

This is a tricky issue.

Often times you would think that a person can solve a problem on his feet just because you could do so. But probably you've been thinking about that problem and in a certain way for a while.

I find in interviews that asking hard questions won't always give you good results. But that you are passing up the opportunity to hire someone smart.

Experienced developers bring a key thing to the table: EXPERIENCE

Experience tells you how to run a software project the best way, how to get out of a bind, how to write code that survives in the wild. They may be creative or may not be so. Maybe you're looking for a PhD?

I haven't found the Microsoft / Google interviewing technique very useful. I basically just look for people that CAN learn, have a proven track record of learning, and are willing to learn.

Expecting a candidate to tell you right then and there what you want to hear is not a very effective selection criteria (it can also scare away good people from your company).

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by cowdung (#48128339) Attached to: The Cult of Elon Musk Shines With Steve Jobs' Aura

Jobs took on the pc industry and lost. But helped introduce a lot of great technologies in the PC industry. They also got it started.
Jobs took introduced the GUI that was largely ignored until Windows was popularized in the early 90s.
Jobs took on the music industry and unblocked the online music market.
Jobs took on the cellphone market and beat the incumbents.
He created the tablet market (even though MS created it first).

Musk revolutionized online Payments with PayPal.
Musk took on the Car industry and unblocked Electric Cars, something consumers want but Big Oil hates. Today everyone dreams of having an electric car.
Must took on the Energy market with SolarCity. Some success but nothing revolutionary.
Musk took on the entrenched, overpriced, bureaucratic, an dead US Space industry and brought it back to life. He's taken the lead in developing cheap alternatives to orbit.

Jobs ultimate success moment was the iPod / iTunes, the creation of a toy and fashion accessory. And its follow up toy/fashion accessory the iPhone and the iPad.
Musk may well be remembered as the guy that gave us electric cars and the guy that got us to Mars (TBD) and gave the little guy a key tool to start an online business (ie. the eBay killer app)

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by cowdung (#47591165) Attached to: How Many Members of Congress Does It Take To Pass a $400MM CS Bill?

I applaud this effort.

I recently toured 14 campuses in the US and it is clear to me that Engineering and Science is a low priority for most american youth based on the comments I heard from students and tour guides. Also, movies and tv shows keep portraying scientists, engineers and computer people as weird and devoid of social life.

If the US is to continue to be a country of innovation it needs to inform its youth that the highest demand jobs are those that involve MATH and Science and Engineering. It needs to give these subjects a higher priority in the curriculum. Because it is through these subjects that people will be able to BUILD the future.

Its nice that so many people are in to art history, or sociology, or communications. But what the economy needs is innovators that can bring technological solutions to make the world a better place. The salary discrepancies clearly show this.

Teaching programming will help students model and understand the world and to solve its technological problems.

70% of the youth in Asia chose Science and Engineering jobs. In the Americas the trend is the opposite only about 30% chose these fields. No wonder so many work at Walmart and are wondering if higher education is worth the investment.

+ - SpaceX Releases Amazing Video of Falcon Rocket's Splashdown->

Submitted by cowdung
cowdung (702933) writes "In spite of Elon Musk's characterization of the landing as a KABOOM event. Judging by this video SpaceX has managed to land the first stage rocket booster nicely on the ocean after their Orbcomm launch on July 14th.

It seems we're one step closer to a landing on dry land. Both this and the previous landing seem to have gone well."

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by cowdung (#47513395) Attached to: The Daily Harassment of Women In the Game Industry

Its true.. people are ruder online than they are in person.

Its like they feel the have a license to do or say whatever they want. A culture of lawlessness.

Also, the Internet gives the real creeps of the world more direct access to you. In the real world you wouldn't let them get close to you.. but on the Internet they can get into your face!

+ - Ebola outbreak continues to expand->

Submitted by symbolset
symbolset (646467) writes "In the realm of "stuff that matters", the current outbreak of the world's second deadliest disease continues to expand. 63 new cases are reported in the last week, and suspected cases far afield of the hot zone are reported.

Many reports of a lack of personal protective equipment and medical professionals abandoning their posts are in recent reports. The local populace is developing processes to prevent containment.

Ebola remains the second deadliest infection only because rabies victims have only one survivor reported after onset of symptoms, ever."

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+ - Microsoft brings two open source tools to Azure->

Submitted by mpicpp
mpicpp (3454017) writes "Following through on promises from new CEO Satya Nadella, Microsoft continues to add support for non-Microsoft technologies, allowing them to run well on the company’s Azure cloud hosting platform.

The company has partnered with two organizations that offer popular open source programs for managing cloud resources—Packer and OpenNebula. Microsoft is releasing drivers that will make it easy to use the programs on Azure, as well as with Microsoft server software for in-house deployments.

Packer is increasingly being used by system administrators to create and then manage the operations of virtual machine images. Running from any OS, Packer assembles and configures the necessary components for a virtual machine and can create identical copies to run on different platforms, such as Linux and Windows.

Packer can also work with popular open source configuration tools such as Chef and Puppet to automate the procedures of rolling out many virtual machines at once.

“Packer has been so popular lately that we heard from people that they want it see it on Azure,” Mahugh said.

Microsoft is also adding support for the OpenNebula cloud management software. OpenNebula could be a key technology for companies interested in running hybrid clouds, a model in which some operations run on a public cloud like Azure and others run in-house, perhaps on a private cloud."

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