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Comment: Re:Well, I guess I've got to watch it now. (Score -1, Troll) 356

"Most of the people in India agree with him, including women."

Get off your high horse dude.
The US has its own rape culture. Its called "fraternities" that promote misogyny and even rape quite effectively.

Rape is an old problem which some cultures struggle with more than others.. but don't pretend that it is only an "India" problem. Have you seen those blue lights in college campuses lately? (Hint: its to protect the women from US-home-grown rapists!)

Comment: Re:I have said it before (Score 1) 384

by cowdung (#49191663) Attached to: French Nuclear Industry In Turmoil As Manufacturer Buckles

"Other energy sources would be vastly more costly if their waste products weren't already grandfathered in to the public mindset and their true impacts to safety and environmental impact "

This is actually a very insightful point. Imagine how costly coal would be if its numerous environmental costs were included in calculations (as they are done in nuclear).

Comment: How could the project work? (Score 2) 83

by cowdung (#49157077) Attached to: Oracle Sues 5 Oregon Officials For 'Improper Influence'

According to this talk

By Steve McConnell who presumably has no skin in the game, Oregon's website was extremely poorly managed. Including using bad coding practices, staff that didn't have proper training and several other problems. McConnell just wonders how anybody could think that the project could work in the first place.

(the talk is very interesting by the way)

So if McConnell is correct in his appraisal of the situation, Oracle is just trying to get itself out of a lawsuit for a grand screw up caused by their own poor judgement.

Comment: Great qualities (Score 1) 214

by cowdung (#48921113) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: What Makes a Great Software Developer?

I don't know about great programmers.. but I've found some great qualities in coworkers who seemed great to me throughout the years:

1. Nice people: People who get along well with others and through their good qualities make everyone better. Not only can they write awesome code, but since everybody likes them they can get the knowledge they need to do it right. This is probably the quality I admired most in the GREAT programmers I've met.
2. Deceptively simple designs: I've met coworkers that can design things so simply yet so solidly that their designs last forever
3. Clean code: the write code that everyone understands.
4. Innovative: they are always finding ways to make the project better
5. Broad range: they always have a new trick in their bag. They always know about this tool or that that makes things better, or this library or framework.
6. Attention to detail: they are patient enough to write unit tests and go through the quality steps needed to guarantee good functioning of the code.

Comment: Re:This is an overreaction (Score 5, Insightful) 465

by cowdung (#48588883) Attached to: Peru Indignant After Greenpeace Damages Ancient Nazca Site

While I agree that this is an opportunity for politicians to discredit Greenpeace.. its not an issue of ENVIRONMENTAL damage.. its an issue of preserving National and World Heritage. The government of Peru is not worried about plants and animals in this case.. it is worried about keeping these ancient grounds for future generations.

What they did is the equivalent of pissing on the Mona Lisa.

Comment: Re:10x Productivity (Score 1) 215

by cowdung (#48408089) Attached to: Do Good Programmers Need Agents?

Majority of the companies are your "cheaskate" organizations.... Unfortunately, management will fight till the bitter end to keep the status quo and as a result the good software developers will remain a specie on the brink of extinction.

Sounds like you're working in the wrong industry. Go work for a Software company.. they appreciate a good engineer.

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